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Heart of Midlothian v St Mirren Premiership 27/11/21


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1 minute ago, elvis said:

Can't do much when keepers having a blinder.

There’s no composure though mate. There were at least two chances where Gordon shouldn’t have been given a chance. 
Even McGrath who I really rate had all the time in the world to place his shot, but he just battered it pretty much straight at Gordon. 

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6 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

Hardest position to fill at a club our size. Practically all clubs our level find it tough, anyone with a goal scoring rep at a decent level immediately has a premium. 

You could say that about any club at any level, that's a poor excuse....  whoever signed Lee Erwin on a 2 year deal... 1 goal at Ross County should never be allowed anywhere near our recruitment...  

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Played well and could’ve got something on another day. Gordon was probably Hearts best player which tells you something. 
Tanser going off was a blow, McAllister isn’t as good on or off the ball. Tanser was winning everything in the air up that side but Hearts stated to get more joy there when he limped off.
We don’t take our chances and as long as that continues we’ll struggle.
Fair dues to Kingsley for his freekick. Some finish and not much we can do against that. 
Thought the second yellow was very harsh. Freekick maybe, but the Hearts boy dived. 
Bad day at the office. Need Tanser fit for Wednesday. Squad starting to look very thin, especially at CB. If we don’t win against County we are starting to get into bother. 

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Great 3 points for Hearts, tho as a Buddie it obviously hurt.

I wasn't confident beforehand.

Tynie might be me favourite away ground, but we have a very poor record there.

First half was a write off.

Two well shaped and disciplined teams cancelling one another out.

That said, Saints shaded it and but for Craig Gordon could have been ahead.

We did have the ball in the net and Mickey Stewart feels it should have stood, but Alan Muir is a curse on Saints at every given opportunity! No goal. Offside.

First 10 minutes of the second half, Hearts were suddenly awake, dangerous, and bossing the game. I was genuinely in fear of a hammering.

We survived, fought back, and even had a period of shooty in!

Again, Craig Gordon saved Hearts... and again!

That said, that's why he is there! He's a bloody good keeper and simply did his job!

Hearts broke... We defended badly. 1-0.

The Hearts fans who had till then been booing and singing "we're supposed to be at home" were suddenly elated and cheering their side on.

I'll never understand that.
Stay behind your side.

Not just Hearts tho... Football fans in general are very fickle.

The second goal killed us. Stunning free kick worthy of winning any game!

Maybe unfair and against the run of play ... But putting the ball in the pokey is what wins games!

Saints didn't give up and fought hard... But the damage was done.

The red card at the end hurt more than the loss of points.

An innocuous challenge means we are now without both first choice central defenders. I bet Muir had a hard on giving that red card!

Ultimately... A sore one for us. Not much between the teams.

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Jim Goodwin is rightly regarded as a legend at the club. However his tactics are costing us big time. Craig Gordon is famous for his shot stopping ability but has a huge weakness with crosses dropped to the edge of the six yard box. He stays glued to his line and has conceded often due to this weakness. Now I’m a big dafty sitting on a sofa and can see it, but not Goodwin. He is either too stubborn or doesn’t have the ability to change his game plan. 
One more rant. Recently I heard him say that if Rangers have an off day we have a chance. In other words we are beat before going on the pitch and that’s the manager! 
I do like him, honest! But he has to change.

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The quality of performances are now becoming less important than gaining points. 

We're currently on a downward spiral and we desperately need to register a few wins. We're in danger of stumbling into a relegation battle. We must turn a corner before the end of 2021.

Worrying !!!

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