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Aberdeen v St Mirren SPFL PREMIERSHIP 4/12/21


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Disgraceful, January can’t come quick enough. We’ve sadly got too many players that for whatever reason, just aren’t good enough for this level now. Good knows what’s happened over the last few weeks. They’re letting the fans & the management down massively right now. 

Imposters in black and white. 

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A shambles at the ground queuing to get in in the pelting rain.
Fighting with the stewards inside because of the shambles outside.

Missed the first goal as wasn’t in the ground
Didn’t see the second as distracted by the stewards.

Soaked to the skin and we’re losing to a poor Aberdeen side.

Should I have stayed home and put up the Christmas tree ?

No. If I’m going to moan about the team use like to do it having witnessed it in the flesh.

Very poor but I don’t see why we can’t get it back for a draw ……

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Last season it was our defensive qualities + number of penalties we were awarded which contributed to our mid table finish.

Neither of these now apply - so we are struggling this season.

However, we are doing better in midfield than against Ross County - Flynn and Power are playing well.

If we get an early goal back in the second half all is not lost, because this is a poor Dons team and their defence does not look much better than ours.

We have the strong wind at our backs so maybe it will blow the ball into the net - our best chance of scoring!

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Every week. Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes. Today. Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes and Mistakes. Been happening all season. And Goody has done sweet FA about it. Rigid in our formation. Glass an hour before the game told the reporter how they were going to get there goals. Shocking. He's got to change his tactics now and again. Or say hello to the championship.

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