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St Mirren v Hibernian SPFL Premiership 11/12/21


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What has depressed me most is that…
when Saints DO get the ball off Hibs, they pass it about (rather neatly), but going backwards, ending in a pass to Alnwick who lumps it back up the park…
…to Hibs.  
And again Power in acres of space but chooses not to cross when we have players in box and just kicks it straight out the park.

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Very poor first half from both teams.

Main has worked hard and moved well, but he's wearing black and white and we can't seem to pass to anyone in that colour.

Best player on the park by a mile has been Ryan Flynn, who was not only written off but insulted by some! Done? What does that make the rest of the squad?

Subs were interesting. Can only think Flynniesta is struggling after some of the physical abuse he took in the first half.

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