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Hearts v St Mirren, Scottish Cup Quarter Final

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1 minute ago, renfrew156 said:

he needs to get back to basics with those defenders, they have

not got a clue

Defence getting pelters on here but their midfield have had too much freedom and 3 or 4 of their goals from midfielders who did not get tracked...

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Must be one of the worst starts ever for a new manager. Have we chosen the right man ?  Second best yet again , for the fourth time this season, to Hearts. Chucked it after the third goal. Pathetic..
FFS... Are you Jones from Dad's Army in disguise?

Give him a chance!

How was Fergies start at Saints or Man Utd?

What a panic response!

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Probably the best we’ve played in spells since Robinson arrived. Woeful defending for their 3rd when we looked on top. No excuses, Hesrts deserved it. 
Plenty to build on though. 
A wee side note. Looks like Jak is on his way and will deservedly earn a decent move. Been great for us but for me Hladky was a better keeper. 

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Tanser having to go off disrupted our shape. We were well back into the game at that point. Dunne needs a spell on the bench. His brain isn't as quick as his feet - he gets caught on his heels too often. That's a few goals against he's been culpable for in recent games. And if Jones could stay on his feet more often, he'd be some player.

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Well, I'm a happy clapper all of a sudden.

It's always easy to blame players but it was a frantic 90 minutes, both teams played more than decent stuff, if a neutral tuned in he'd have been happy with that.

A goal to be savoured, IMO, the best we've played for yonks. 

Better team won, but we should take heart from that performance. 

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