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Scott Brown as our new manager? Surely not?


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10 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

He is player/coach at Aberdeen?

The connection thing is a bag of shite, it's the person we're after, not if he's played for St Mirren,  although that looks like being a factor in the current hysteria. :rolleyes:

Aye and he's done a wonderful job there. 

When it comes to connection, I would rather take a chance on McManus.

Done out alright with Goodwin, Ross, McPherson etc.

Trust me, I would rather bring in someone with a bit of management experience.


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3 hours ago, bazil85 said:

amazingly something we agree on. Get it in the sea, take it out again then get it even further in the sea. 

Names likely to be linked that are an absolute no for me. 

Scott Brown

Neil Lennon

Gus McPherson

wouldn’t mind letting Alan McManus have a few games & seeing if he impresses. 

Hallelujah, brothers and sisters!😂

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Steven Naismith is possibly a good shout.

He, (like Goodwin and unlike Brown) seems a decent character.

Ross is a backward step (for him and Saints) and he is unlikely to be motivated in the St Mirren job.

We are likely to go for a promising but untried candidate - so Naismith or Bartley would fill that bill.

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I'm very much in the "NO" camp with regard to Scott Brown coming to Paisley, simply because his onfield arrogance makes him so easy to dislike. He also lacks adequate managerial experience for the vacancy IMO. However his previous Celtic connection should  be totally irrelevant to the appointment process. 

Then again, I was against us signing Roy Aitken all those years ago and he turned out to be a terrific signing (obviously as a player not the manager), so maybe it's best to reserve judgement at this point. 

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I never really felt that Goodwin was truly with us, his reported role in the end of Danny Lennon's tenure and the stringing along of both Hibs and Saints  was unedifying, especially the "mystery Injury" which kept us from cup-tying him.  Miraculously resolved as soon as we topped Hibs' offer.

Good-ish luck to him, I felt that the times where the players deviated from his tactics and sorted things out for themselves were our best performances in his time.  Doesn't matter who you have as a manager, you can always do better.  I just hope we get this right.

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It is always the fickle Buddie fans fault.  Always.

Bone, Hendrie, Ross and now Goodie.  Somehow these guys felt like they were the real thing - a forever kind of love Street fantasy.


we should  NEVER ever fall half in love with a manager.  Though they might think we’re sweet, rather noisy but nice, and worthy of respect and admiration, they’ll never commit to us.

Enjoy the short passion and what joy it may bring, but be always prepared for the inevitable bittersweet break-up.

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2 hours ago, waldorf34 said:

Brown like Goodwin was a pain in the arse on the pitch and a gentleman  off it.

His lack of experience  as a manager is the real negative 

I wouldn't say brown is less qualified that Jim Goodwin was when he took over after a short spell at Alloa.  

Noticed he's not at Motherwell today 

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4 minutes ago, StanleySaint said:

McInnes as a Paisley boy has never shown any interest in Saints, can't see that changing now.

Yup , he’s also got 17 months of an 18 month Contract left .   If he gets them promoted , which is highly likely , he will be knocking on the Rugby park boardroom door for a new improved deal. 

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