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Scott Brown as our new manager? Surely not?


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3 hours ago, antrin said:

Scott Brown has left Aberdeen to pursue his coaching career.


Yon nasty Jim Goodwin couldn’t have wanted Scott’s help up there…. :)

(Or Brown recognises a sinking ship when he sees one.)


All we need is a separate thread for this latest news, albeit some 3-4 hours after the event. :lol:


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Scott Brown retires.

He done no bad for a dumpling.

Not a bad wee piece on the BBC website, a small section below....................

In the world of Hollywood horror movies there is a particular plotline device featuring the plight of the protagonist that can be loosely described as 'It Ain't Over Yet'.

You know the kind of thing. It looks like curtains for Chucky in Child's Play, but no, what's that moving behind the curtains? It looks over for The Shape in Halloween, but, hang on, who's that climbing off the floor in the background?

Now, finally, comes the end of Scott Brown as a footballer and all-round cartoon baddie, a title he has absolutely revelled in, as if he was an actor playing himself in the story of his own life. In some ways, that's true. The 36-year-old been a performer for all these years, a guy who put a mask up whenever he put his kit on.

When you met the person as opposed to the footballer, you quickly became aware of the difference between the two. The chutzpah of the athlete - domineering and unrelentingly intense at his peak - was in notable contrast to the humility and humour of the person, the tremendous self-deprecation, to the point of self-mocking.

All of it was laced with a bit of hurt at the flak he took, which was fuel to his fire. "Not bad for a guy whose legs have gone," he would say. "I'm doing OK for somebody who was finished 10 years ago."


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On 5/11/2022 at 11:16 AM, HSS said:

Looks like Broony is Fleetwoods next manager 

Kinda shows the sort of level that someone should be getting a first managerial opportunity. 

Yet we still have Scottish pundits trying to get players like him waltzing into a SPL club like Saints. Thankfully the club were sensible about thinking better of that. 

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