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Stephen Robinson


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22 minutes ago, shull said:

Dundee Wednesday night

And here's to you Mr Robinson.....


I remember being in a bar in Kiev the day after a Scotland game. The bar was full of Scotland fans and they were showing the highlights of the Croatia v England game from the day before. It was the game England lost thanks to Paul Robinson completely miskicking a Gary Neville pass back that just rolled into the goal. 
Immediately the chant went up from the Scotland fans….

🎶 So here’s to you Mr. Robinson, Scotland loves you more than you will know 🎶


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24 minutes ago, scam75 said:

Have to say it was looking like a shambles when the snake preferred his garden and Brown and Naismith were touted. They may well be top coaches in the long run but not what we need now. A guy that knows the league and got Well to 3rd and cup finals plus made them money, well done Saints.

Also bold enough to buy him out his contract and allegedly make him highest paid boss ever, shows balls and makes him feel very wanted. Have a feeling this will turn out well for us.

Also if you believe Fabrizio, we've spent 40% of the Goodwin compo getting this done so still quids in now with a manager who's achieved more then Goodwin in this league and in the dug out for Wednesday. Couldn't realistically have asked for more.

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Totally concur with this . Paying compo to get " their man " is a highly positive & ambitious move.  You assume there was budget discussed for the summer also. 

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1 hour ago, billyg said:
will confirm the appointment of Stephen Robinson on a 2-and-a-half year deal tomorrow. He will be assisted by Diarmuid O'Carroll after they agreed to pay a six figure compensation fee.

Hope that Diarmuid not connected to that Brendan O ‘ Carroll , his patter is pure p*sh.

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Like most folks, this one came out the blue for me.

Can't see how anyone could be unhappy with this - better than all other realistic options being mentioned.

My Motherwell supporting mate says that he was popular and rated by the fans and that the last season he had there was destroyed by key injuries.

Obviously it could all go pear shaped but at the moment it seems like - by far - the best option.

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14 hours ago, santaponsasaint said:

Morecombe in the relegation places in league 1. So why dont we give him a job in the Scottish Premier League. Utter suicide.

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Gary, take a look at Morecambes league positions over the last 20 years or so. They were battling in bottom 4 or 5 in league 2 up until finishing 4th last season, where they went on to win promotion for first time to league 1 (Derek Adams got them promoted).

They have lowest budget in the league and are punching well above their weight with games in hand over other clubs. 

If you dig a little deeper he had majority backing from their fans.

He did a decent job at Motherwell on a similar if not less budget than ours and stuck with a lot of youth players.

This is far from a bad appointment imo. Like any appointment, it can go either way in terms of results. 

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