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Saints v Rangers April 2022


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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

So it's match day, almost meaningless after all the hoping and praying yesterday.

With nothing on the result surely we have to go out and, at least, give it s go? 

Alas we very rarely do, unlike other lower league teams.

A drab 0-2. 😴

I agree totally 

If we show a bit of tempo and energy we could get something 

But he will play Main hope it will stick and play into their hands

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16 minutes ago, HSS said:


It's a line up that I would imagine should get something from match. Maybe the pressure being off pushing for a top 6 place might help. 

Quick point from yesterday. When going home from workington game had radio Scotland on when top places were finalised and trying not to be disrespectful but when Ross County are beating us to it THEN all at our club need to have a good long hard look at themselves whether it be players, coaches, manager, even higher ups.


Ross County Ffs.

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18 hours ago, portmahomack saint said:

Penalty kick has cost us top 6 and me a chance of 4 grand.... consolation is Aberdeen are staying down with us   :double


18 hours ago, faraway saint said:


Penalty was of the soft variety but they did get a stonewaller turned down so they deserved it well done County... Jim boxing clever with his post match interview blaming himself he knows how to talk a good game does Jim... that won't work next season 

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1 minute ago, ford prefect said:

f**king horrific defending. Not getting close to stop either cross and failing to mark roofe. This season is now an utter disaster.


1 minute ago, Balmullo Bud said:

We are a total embarrassment. That goal was shocking defending on several levels…again. Jones totally left Tavenier, Kent in acres and free header from Roofe. Shocking stuff. 

It should be noted our manager wasn't any of the defenders who were sleeping. :wink:

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