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The one alcoholic drink you'd never drink again...................

faraway saint

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1 minute ago, Scott-Leeds said:

Red wine

Tried it once when I was 17 at around 2pm on a weekday

My aunt made homemade wine like rocket fuel

Steaming after 2 and sick shortly after

Drink of choice southern comfort/lemonade to this day

Though very rarely drink at all

I had to totally stop drinking wine altogether, only needed 2 or 3 glasses and I was steaming.

20 odd years ago neighbour had got a hot tub fitted, invited us round, red win was flowing, one oft he worst bouts of sickness ever, and there were a few when I was young, so since that day not one drop of wine has passed my lips, well, I can take the odd glass of bubbly, but even that's not very enjoyable. 

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2 hours ago, faraway saint said:

I went to Dublin quite a few years ago, "got to try the Guinness" I was told, "It's different over here", is it fcuk. :thumbsdown

It is different- i paid 10 euros in a few pubs for pint of the dark stuff. 

Fecking 6 quid of a difference!

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Love Lager, Beer, Guinness, whisky, whiskey, vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Wine, etc

I will try anything.

The only thing I never liked was mulled wine which I was given cold. Now that was bowfing.

I would try it again if served correctly.

Whenever I’ve traveled I’ve always like sampling the local spirit. 

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