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Should Robinson try to get gogic permanently?

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2 minutes ago, bringbackobika said:

The season is finishing now and imo gogic has been stand out since January. I would love to see him stay on as he gets little game time at Hibs and is enjoying his time in Paisley. Would you agree that he should stay?

absolutely love him personally, from his work rate to his dribbling. been my favourite player this season and would be delighted if he signed permanently 

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3 minutes ago, shull said:

Rather use our money to bring back Obika.

How about being greedy and looking for both? Gocic has been excellent. As others have said he appears to have said publicly that he is going back to Cyprus. I think Obika was out injured for a while. Will always be a hero for me.

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2 hours ago, TopCat said:

Gogic has already came out and said he's moving back to Cyprus in the summer as he wants to bring up his young family there.

Can't really blame a Cypriot for choosing Paphos over Paisley i suppose.

What’s Paphos got over Paisley apart from year round sunshine. ( they do have skiing in the mountains though)

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