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St Johnstone v St Mirren, 30/4/22

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13 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

Difficult to watch this, definitely have all the signs of a team who have chucked it. 

Last few games, Been the worst top flight St Mirren team I have seen since the 00/01 season. 


You must be watching a different game . Anyone who says the players have " chucked it" based on this performance so far is either so anti SR that they pour out all the usual clap trap hoping it will seem applicable or they are just bloody clueless!!!

Which one are you??

Exactly 🤷

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34 years ago, on 30th April we were on a much worse run.
Relegation staring us in the face.
Alex Smith had been sacked, Fitzpatrick and McGarvey in charge for trip to Tynecastle.......weather just like today.
Paul Chalmers scored late on for us to win 1-0.
I had organised a friendly match for my team, Southend, that day in Campbeltown V Guy's Bar, Hamilton. Beat them 5-1  I think but I couldn't get off the pitch quick enough to listen to the closing stages of our game....
It all came good in the end!

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