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St Mirren v Livingston SPFL Premiership 11/5/22

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A fairly reasonable game with a really poor referee. Livi did what Livi do. They fell as soon as a Saints' player went near and Clancy couldn't wait to give them the foul. A special mention for one player. We sat there watching this and all asked the same question. "Who swapped out Main"? Surely that isn't the same player who was lambasted constantly and rightly called a block of wood? More than a few times he chased and harried defenders. His pace at times was electric. He was winning headers and nearly scored with one. 

Young Grieve worked his socks off again and all around me were off their seat when we thought he had put one in the pokey. Seeing it back on TV it wasn't as close as we thought at the time.

I know we haven't had him long but Gogic will be very hard to replace. I thought young Erhahon had a good game, breaking up play and, except for a couple towards the end, his passing was far better. A few folk are saying Flynn's legs have gone but I'm hoping it's more a case of not being match fit. There were others who had a reasonable game but we need to start getting better with the final ball. Maybe we'll click on Sunday. I'm still trying to get cover for my standby to allow me to attend the Aberdeen game.

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Thought we battled really well against a strong, physical Livi side.

As has been said, the two forwards stuck at it and gave the Livi defence a tough time, though they lacked the quality to finish things off. Worried about Greive. He's just too slight to be fighting off big strong defenders. Was too easily pushed off the ball on many occasions last night. But to his credit he has a great heart,  never stopped running and trying and might have got a goal in the second half.

We will miss Gogic and Alnwick particularly, but we still have Kiltie who has found his place in the team. Also, I need to mention Ethan because I criticised him on Saturday. Thought he was much better last night, some important tackles and good passes. Sad to see Flynn's game end with a bad tackle forcing him off. Probably won't see him in Paisley again. He's been a great servant to the club, so I wish him all the best.

Kevin Clancy? I'd better not start on him. Some very dodgy decisions.

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Where do Livingston get all these giant black players from?
Giant black land obviously. 
Stephen Obileye #6 6'4" signed from QotS

Joel Nouble #19 6'4"
Signed from Aldershot Town in the National League

Caleb Chukwuemeka #23 6'3"
Loan from Aston Villa

If Robo has a habit to look at the lower leagues in England, I expect us to start signing players like Nouble.

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