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Smisa stadium

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On 5/19/2022 at 5:29 PM, waldorf34 said:

Let's ditch that name and give it a name that we keptkeep  for the next 10 years, St Mirren Park or the Paisley Stadium ,at least that would let outsiders  know where St Mirren play.

Dump Smisa stadium!

100 percent let’s get back to St Mirren Park - the smisa stadium is a terrible name. Smisa is not st mirren 

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1 hour ago, div said:

It's quite the take to label 1200 of your fellow fans as a "bunch of clowns"

The same "bunch of clowns" who own the majority shareholding of the club, bought and paid for with their own hard earned.

Just ignore him, everyone else does.

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1 hour ago, portmahomack saint said:

We once had a iconic name Love Street for me that should be the name of our stadium preserve our history 

The ground was never called "Love Street". St. Mirren Park for both grounds. I went to Love Street but that was to enter St. Mirren Park.

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When we moved to the new stadium, I thought Stewart Gilmour saying that the board thought it was best sticking with "St. Mirren Park" because the previous stadium had officially been called the same and loads of people had grown up with St. Mirren Park and now new generations would grow up with "St. Mirren Park" was spot on.

My parents, my Granny and Auntie always referred to the old ground as "Love Street", indeed my Mum still says "we're playing at Love Street this Saturday."  I fell into calling the old ground "Love Street" because they did but I knew it was officially "St. Mirren Park" and I actually understand and respect what St. Lucifer said about walking along Love Street to get to the Stadium but then entering "St. Mirren Park".

I think Shull's "Westmarch" idea is a great one.  I actually asked my Dad if they would name the stadium Westmarch when we were moving.  I read on a plaque just inside the door that ground opposite the new stadium (Ferguslie Park Avenue I think?  I can't remember exactly) was where Westmarch actually was.  Over to Shull, BillyG or someone else to confirm that one.

I'm not a big fan of stadiums being named after a sponsor.  Newcastle United's St. James' Park being called the Sports Direct Arena was like rag to a bull as far as the locals were concerned!  If it brought the club much needed funds, fair enough but I'd still call it "St. Mirren Park", my Mum would still call it "Love Street" and loads of others would probably do likewise.

Edited by Percy Veer
"stadium" not "club".
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2 hours ago, Hunterian said:

I think the Amazon Sports Direct Toni Macaroni Park has a certain ring to it.

Maybe not the Amazon part.  St. Mirren FC likes to pay all of it's bills.  Maybe Amazon would be better suited for Sevco International FC?

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I think The SMISA Stadium was only meant to be a temporary name until a new potential paying sponsor was found to replace Simple Digital. 

I would be all for reverting it back to St. Mirren Park, if we cannot find a paying sponsor.

There is so much potential location wise with the fly path from the airport  I know this has been banded about before) for businesses to have their branding across the stadium, including the roof. It's just trying to find that next investor willing to put up big cash for such a thing.

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