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Ryan Strain signs

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:) An Australian international who's recently played for Maccabi Haifa! That sounds promising.

:unsure: He's only played 9 games for the Israelis, and his Wikipedia page states 'Strain did not feature in either [Australia] game, with media reports suggesting that he had injured his hamstring.'

:) There's a ready made song for him...



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13 hours ago, stlucifer said:

I thought he was blowing out his ass after an hour or so. Perhaps still needs a little more conditioning. I thought SR should have swapped him out for Hendo after 70 minutes.

To be fair, I don't think there were many on the park who done more running than Strain yesterday. After 70 minutes his race was run and it was understandable that anyone would wilt in that heat.

He covered the entire right hand side of the park god knows how many times and never got caught out. I think everyone in the West stand could see he was blowing out his arse the last 20 but it really drives home that we do still need defensive cover in wide areas as on another say I'm sure he'd have came off.

Think he's been a very good signing so far, his touch is excellent, his set pieces are good and he's got this knack of alway finding himself in a dangerous area in the other teams third. My one criticism of him is that he needs to have a better or more varied end product. His crosses always get past the first man but too often they are too high and floaty/looping or close to the goal line.

Still worth remembering he's played very little football in 2022 and he's getting more and more up to speed every week.

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