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Rangers International FC v St Mirren SPFL PREMIERSHIP 15/4/23


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21 minutes ago, Doakes said:

This game gives me the absolute fear, we've got a terrible record at Ibrox and they will smell the opportunity to give us a doing and get one over celtic


I appreciate an understanding of history, but the current team with this manager has no past record at Ibrox.



i appreciate that I am falling -as ever - into the familiar Buddie trap of actually having faith….  :(


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Just now, Helmettroll said:

Would feckin love it if we took something off this mob today.

Mon Saints, let's get tore right into these horrid cnuts....

It's the first time for a long time I actually think we could.

Sure, it could all go wrong but we're in as good a place as I can remember for many a season, if we are going to get a result at Ibrox today could be the day.

Fingers crossed. :thumbs2

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What we don't want today is a demoralising hammering. If the rangers play as they did v Liverpool, I think we could sneak something, but I doubt they could be that bad again. I would love us to take at least a point but, with the orks behind them, I think they'll be a very hard nut to crack. I guess at least 3 to them.

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32 minutes ago, waldorf34 said:

Need to keep injury free ,so take no chances with players ,next 2 games are much more important 

AFAIC, no they're not. Every game is as important as any other. Are they more winnable? Yes. Perhaps. But points on the board is far more important than ifs and maybes. I'm glad our manager isn't showing that defeatist attitude in his selection.

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  • shull changed the title to Rangers International FC v St Mirren SPFL PREMIERSHIP 15/4/23

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