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St Mirren v Dundee United SPFL PREMIERSHIP 22/10/22


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Another hard working performance from Saints mixed with good football at times.

Big Curtis Main has really upped his performance levels under Stephen Robinson and the recruitment by the management team is paying off as well.

I think this was a game we would have lost in previous seasons so we're an improvement that way.

Big Steven Thompson has just said that it was Keanu Baccus' "fingernail" that caught the Dundee United player which was the reason for Jonah Ayunga's goal being disallowed.  It'll be interesting to see that later.  I'm just glad we ended up getting another goal to win.

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Best game of the season for me as I managed to get free time to watch the whole match for a change.

Nice football and looked like we had a plan with Main and Erhahon were really strong for me.

Just makes you feel good when you win in that fashion.

I'll do my best to get the stick to work again next week although I have a slight chance of getting up to Edinburgh so I'll see how this weeks goes. 

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Great game to watch , some very good individual performances .

A MOTM performance from Main . Absolutely incredible the turnaround by Main from last season😎👍

I haven’t seen the VAR incident but folk saying a “ flailing hand “ caught a Utd player . f**king difficult NOT to have flailing hands when three Utd players are taking it in turns to foul you .

Delighted for Grieve to come on & get the winner .

Why wasn’t Watt booked for constant simulation and why wasn’t Fletcher booked for having a knob-end hairstyle ?  🤷‍♂️

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31 minutes ago, chalky1 said:

So Greive crossed the ball and then  ran into the box and headered his own cross, that's not smart that's [email protected]@king brilliant :) 


Need to have him for anytime assist & goalscorer next game, lol

I'm trying to give brief details and watch at the same time, of you want a quality report try the BBC Scotland site.............................on second thoughts, stick with me. :lol:

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