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5 Games left before the world cup, all winnable

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8-10 points from that run would be superb. A win today and against St. Johnstone could leave us essentially not having to look back over our shoulders for the rest of the season. The league last season was cutthroat with everyone from 4th-10th capable and looking like they could finish anywhere. 


This season even more so and 3rd-12th currently looks like it could be fair game for every single side. Nobody striding ahead or lagging behind.

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31 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Wan mair if we're lucky. :wink:

It could be any tally tbh, but given that we've only lost 4 league games and managed 6 victories, i very much doubt we'll only manage 1 draw from our next 4 games. 

I suppose pessimism might be a difficult trait to shift.

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I was worried that other sides would soon work out the best way to counter our "system" but there were signs yesterday that we are developing a better offering.  We might avoid a mid-season slump that would leave us battling to stay in the league, I'd say we can probably take another 2 wins and 2-3 draws in this period.

The thing that goes against us the stretched squad, Main is more effective when putting himself about but is blown by the 70th minute if he starts.  I also think we might lose a couple of players in the window such as Erhahon and Baccus. We tended, in recent seasons, not to strengthen as much as some other sides in the winter window and I think we should be looking at better quality for the second part rather than just filling gaps when players depart.  Maybe some of the players out on loan will come back fit for thr premiership, we will certainly need one or two.

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We are 4 points better off than this time last year , need to ensure we get our form back and keep it going.

look at how “Detached “ Ross county were last season and where they actually finished , they can never be written off , especially when Uncle Roy gets his January chequebook out . 




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