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Possible Questions for the SMISA meeting


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22 hours ago, SuperSaints1877 said:

Are you for real?


Accounts online go as far back as when @SGG was appointed in 1994:


The accounts that year showed losses of circa £800,000 with debt approaching £1.8M before “assets” come into play.


It gets worse in 1995 with outstanding debt of £3.2M.

I’ve not checked all the available accounts so maybe there is a worse year.


When the Gilmour led consortium sold to @GLS and SMISA the picture was as follows:



Now I’m no fan of every decision that @SGG and his consortium made but by fcuk they saved our club from administration and possibly liquidation.

Gilmour and his consortium are far more important to the history of our club than Shuggie Murray’s goal at Forthbank or Fitzpatrick’s success as the formal club captain lifting the Scottish Cup in 1987.



17 hours ago, Jockmd said:

I openly acknowledged his important intervention at the beginning of my post. We are in a totally different situation now and don't require the biscuit tin mentality that was needed then. Horses for courses. He could have destroyed all he worked for toward the end of his tenure because he was "tired" of the association. He should not be involved now in the same way others who also put their money where their mouths were at the time.

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21 hours ago, Jockmd said:

Jock beg to differ.

He helped to launch a share issue on the club to raise funds on the belief that we were being sold to a shady character. Hundreds of other people, along with SGG, bought shares at the same time. Following the share issue SGG started to acquire shares from the existing largest shareholders to increase his personal shares in the company.

All the names of those shareholders are on Companies House along with the number of shares they purchased. 

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12 hours ago, SuperSaints1877 said:

It was a deliberate error on my part. I’ve never “enjoyed” being in those arenas. Full of egos and dodgy shysters.

I believe they refer to themselves as C level executives. C stands for cnuts!

Thats a bit harsh on yourself, were you not once, in a precious alias, a member of the SMISA board. 

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