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Robbo favourite

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He might well be a better boss for a small national team than he is for a small SPL team.  I think his record is very hit and miss in the league and the split seems to be 50-50.  if he stays we can probaby look forward to some exceptional but occassional big wins and a good few disappointments.  I would accept the argument that there are worse places to be, I just happen to think the large investment made in his vision is not being fully realised at present with little sign of it being realised in the longer term

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2 hours ago, santaponsasaint said:

Please take him

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Me and you as a double act Gaz. 

Just a shame Toshie not still alive to do the pre-match and half time pep talk.

Modern day fitba players widnae no what to do with the mighty Toshie!

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