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St Mirren v St Johnstone SPFL PREMIERSHIP 9/11/22


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2 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

- VAR took about 3-4 minutes to make a stonewall penalty decision 

- ref only added 2 minutes on 

- (TBC) looked like a handball in the build up when Gallagher lost the ball. Could say too much time passed but we got done for the same with the first VAR game & the swinging arm. 

Slows the game, only moves the controversy. 

Was the game stopped for 3-4 mins?

Take your time on this. 

VAR is for a clear and obvious error.



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Just now, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

A goal for us and a goal for the currant buns would be just lovely. 
Still Cannae believe we didnae turn up against Killie. Threw 2 points away there. 

As the season goes on there's always going to be games we feel we could/should have done better, forgetting the games we, maybe, got a wee bit lucky.

Still, we're within a goal/victory of going joint 3rd, better than most seasons at this stage. 

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