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Green Buttock vs St. Mirren, Scottish Cup 11/12 February 2023


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14 hours ago, elvis said:

Warrior Saint we were well in the game for 75 minutes to say we got absolutely rinsed is a nonsense if you think that would have ended 5-1 without the Ref giving them a hand you are kidding  yourself.











Somebody's hacked Elvis's account...get @div!


In all seriousness, you're spot on Elvis. :) 

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4 minutes ago, ianmac said:

Same thing happened to Morton in the previous round, although a lot earlier in the match. They were doing ok until, as the BBC said:

Aaron Mooy's controversial penalty, awarded for handball against Efe Ambrose after a VAR review,

Controversial decisions, in favour of the Bigot Brothers, have happened in Scottish Football for over 100 years.

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I wasn't sure but, now I've seen it on TV. WE WERE ROBBED!

That was never a red card. In fact, IMO, it was never a penalty. We ran a really good celtic team close until the referees decided to hand them a cushion. Even for our penalty they were trying to find an excuse to "ungive" it.

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Not a lot to add to the posts already made in this thread.

I was really pleased with our performance as it wasn't the usual sitting deep and hanging on for the full 90 minutes.

Another penalty cost us and how many has that been this season?

Really took my breath away at the final score as it really wasn't that much between us admitting Celtic are a better side with greater depth. 

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Gave up on radio commentary at 0-3, so didn’t realise we had capitulated until later on. Won’t bother with the highlights either. Perhaps our next visit to Celtic should be preceded with a letter offering the 3 points . 😁. Next match on Wednesday will be a difficult one against a poor team fighting for their lives. Hope our recent bad run improves but I have my doubts. 

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