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Dundee utd v St Mirren, 18/3/23

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On 3/10/2023 at 10:09 AM, spankin_panda said:

With Dunne our, it fit, would like to see big Joe get the nod. The new fella is a bombscare. 

Will be watching but I think a draw is the most likely outcome. Maybe Watt will show something against his old club tomorrow? 

Surely  Watt cant play v parent club

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On 3/7/2023 at 7:08 PM, faraway saint said:

Hi mate, there's plenty in Dundee to keep you and your mates busy.

I'm sure your son will know many of the pubs on the Perth Road, frequented by students and decent prices.

Nearer the city centre, not sure where you'll be based, there's quite a few.

As @HSS mentioned, the Club Bar is decent, Old Banks bar is usually good with "mature" customers.

Trades House is also quite good, DrafFens has good cocktails and a wee bit further away is the Arctic bar, old fashioned, no frills but ok for a pint or two.



Staying at the Travelodge in Marketgait.

Just around the corner from Molly Malone's.

I've had a pint in Trades House before & we'll be looking to drink in bars around the city centre.

4 mates coming up from London with me, it'll be a cracking weekend 😁

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On 3/9/2023 at 11:22 AM, beyond our ken said:

My advice is don’t go to any pubs in Dundee

i won’t be taking that myself though 

I think you missed the jist. 

We're going drinking in Dundee, was looking for some recommendations of decent boozers.

Anyways, enjoy your night out in Dundee, we'll be having a stoatir of a weekend.


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On 3/10/2023 at 10:38 AM, TopCat said:

I think Taylor will start instead of Joe, sadly. He is terrible. 
The game isn’t tomorrow and as Watt is on loan he can’t play against his parent club. 
Apart from that great post 😉

I had a shocker. 😂😂 didn’t realise until 12 that the games the following week. 😂 

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Really looking forward to this today, I have a feeling Utd will try and kick us off the park as they are in deep, deep trouble with the games running out fast.

I’m sure Robbo will have the troops ready for this, would love the win but can’t see past the draw.

Appreciate Dunne is suspended, hope Gallagher back in but wouldn’t discount shaughnessy and would love to see a fine Gogic midfield performance today too.


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  . I dont want Utd down.. so after they lose to us they can go on a run... just keep hoping Livi will be docked 20 pts for something.. 1000 fan base.. plastic pitch... and a manager with a worse criminal record than Stubbs....dodgy as Sevco

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