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Evan Reid - Missing since 25th March

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Hey folks, 

I didn't really know where best to place this on the forum, though I think it needs some exposure.

The lad from Irvine that went missing in Paisley on 25th March is still missing. He was last seen around 10.06pm on Love St/Inchinnan Road on doorbell/cctv camera and climbing over a wall attached to the block of flats next to Dingbro, after getting off a train at Paisley Gilmour Street around 9.40pm.

He was heading home to Irvine from Glasgow on the train though unexpectedly came off at Paisley. He text his girlfriend to say that something dodgy was going on (I think when he was on the train at the time). He'd also asked his girlfriend to call the police(unsure if this was on the train or whilst in Paisley). He then pin dropped his location, which was where he was last seen on the doorbell/cctv footage. How he ended up going as far as Love St/Inchinnan Rd and no CCTV picking up his movements is very strange.  

The family and friends of Evan have arranged a search tomorrow from 11am and are looking for volunteers to help out.

Saturday 8th April 2023 @ 11am
Meeting at the Robertson street car park at Gleniffer braes (car park in the sky). This is a meeting point, though they are trying to search as much as possible around Paisley after not being able to find anything where his last sighting was.


If this isn't the appropriate place to post this, mods please feel free to move.

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Unfortunately this was always going to be the outcome when you add up the erratic and out of character behaviour described by his family, the isolated area where he was last seen and the fact his last CCTV sighting was heading over the wall towards the river.

Hopefully he has found his peace. An awful ending.

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