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Caolan Boyd-Munce

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Only just finished watching his pre-Motherwell interview and I just love how real this lad is, no airs and graces and it would seem he has an appreciation of the help and support he has had from the club since arriving, a young man with huge integrity, I hope he goes far in his football journey but stays with us for a little while so we can appreciate his talent.

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3 hours ago, beyond our ken said:

Hopefully he can take how real he is to the training ground 

he seems to tire quite early 

I know it is a high pressure midfield and the players need to be fit enough for the 90+ minute as they can’t be sure they will be subbed 

He took a knock about 30 minutes in….prior to that he was probably the most solid player in the middle of the park.

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39 minutes ago, MenstrieSaint said:

Still young  , still learning , still improving ,being mentored to take over from Keanu Baccus . Another good bit of business by the management team .

Spot on.... been forced into limelight with oHara injured....done us proud

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