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Morton v St Mirren The Rip Off Cup 9/7/24

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On 6/26/2024 at 11:05 PM, shull said:





I would  usually wholeheartedly agree, however I think it’s more of a charity donation as the Ton are in dire straits apparently.

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Probably be one of Morton's biggest gates of the season ? they do like to turn out for a game against their big rivals the Morton fans. a David v Goliath type contest. For those that didn't go to school I'll explain David v Goliath it's a story way back in biblical times.

As far as I remember it was a square go, David was tooled up way a sling and a bag of stones.  Goliath had some sort of a big Jib. Started aff with the usual verbals.. Come ahead ya big Bam. And you're getting it ya wee baw bag..  Wit I heard was Goliath ragdolled him from the river Cart to the shity sea at Gourock kicked the shit out of him basically..  They're still at it yet the two of them only this time David's swapped his stones for 2000lbs bombs 💣  and Goliath has the sling and the stones 

Anyway wit wur we talking about think I've drifted aff the subject a bit 🤔  oh aye £18 is a big chunk oot their Giro but their club does need the money 💰 


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Dennis Emmanuel Abiodun bamidele Chijioke Adeniran

The North Bank will have their work cut out with this one.. going to have to cut back on the song book 

Give us a D give us an E give us a N give us another N 

Maybe only use it in Cup Games when extra time and pens are in play to get it finished 

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12 minutes ago, portmahomack saint said:

Not one of your better ones Shull  :unsure:  camera work needs a wee tweek 

I haven't got a camera.

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