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Top 5 Tunes That Hit The Spot


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A tribute to the late great B&WArmy legend that fell victin to the clique....Saints Hit the Net:

1. Bring Me Down - Jupiter & Teardrop

2. He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot - Grandaddy

3. Down - Suede

4. Ordinary Man - Day One

5. Ashes - Embrace

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Top 5 tunes that Im listening to and like at the moment are:

1) Doves - Black And White Town (Set for chart release 7th Feb 05) B)

2) Athlete - Wires (Great Tune But Sad Story Behind The Tune) :wink:

3) Good Charlotte - Emotionless (Going To See Them In March) :D

4) Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live (Set for chart release 24th Jan 05) :)

5) Embrace - Looking As You Are (Set for chart release 28th Feb 05) :D

P.S.- Hanson believe it or not, Yes Hanson are making a come back and some of their tunes are actually catch if you like acoustic music :o

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Courtesy of WYD JNR whos currently in his room with his Karaoke machine on full bung... listening to the following with a mic with a dodgy echo setting: :lol:

1) Real Ring Tones - Crazy Frog Tone :lol:

2) Bouwling For Soup - 1985, shit hes just screamed the chorus of this one as I type, Ohh and the volume somehow is managing to get louder

3) Denzel - Pump It Up

4) McFly - Obviously

5) Brian McFadden - Lose Lose Situation

Can anyone tell me, if battery juice goes all over your hands can it do you any harm ? The batterie in my cordless mouse are soaking either that the mouse has pissed itself :lol: .... Seriously though my hands are pure on fire since I rubbed the batteries :(

Off to either work or the hospital :o if alls ok I might take the night off Miss WYD has just passed her driving test (some guy J Turnbull passed her Tom) :huh: - so an excuse to get drunk, for me of course :P

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I saw Geneva at T In The Park once and they were feckin' excellent. Just didn't get the same licky-bum-crawl treatment that lesser Scottish bands were party to with the music press.

Up The Hill Backwards is superb and Scary Monsters is a fine album.

Here's my five:-

1. Young Americans - Bowie

2. My Home Is The Sea - Matt Sweeney/Bonnie "Prince" Billy

3. The Muffin Man - Frank Zappa

4. I May Never Be Queen - Fairground Attraction

5. God is a DJ - Faithless

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