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Paisley Pubs

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That place was originally built as the new Hibs Hall. Didn't last very long and just about everything that's been there since has been similarly doomed...

When the Hibs moved out, it was bought by Billy McDonald who owend The Argyll Bar and was called The Waverly, heres one for ye, what was the Argyll called in the 70s?

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It was called The Sneddon Bar and my Grandmother, Chrissie Gilmour, was the manageress.

It also had an upstairs bit until the stairs and ceiling collapsed due to one too many heavy goods train passing overhead.

10 out of 10 Tom, its the first pub I drank in, used to sit at the bottom of the stairs and look up the barmaid skirts :P

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What about Weavers, it was across from the entrance of the Feegie Mill. Dont know the name of the street. The cobbled street thats runs down to the Masonic Hall.

Castle St? :unsure:

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Was 'The Argyll' also called Samuel Browns at one point? Think my dad worked there for a bit when he was about 20 or so.

If we count Stringfellows - can we also count The Garage/Network/wot ever it was called after that, and Make for the Border, both in Cotton Street? And does that mean we can also include Paris and Blazers (?) in Silk Street - possibly one of the most unlikely places for the dancin i can imagine.

[And talking of Silk Street I noticed the other day that MacLeods dairy has been reduced to rubble, and don't even get me started on what has become of Shortroods/Gockston - didn't even recognise it!!)

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I'm gauin tae drink wi the snobs the day, I'm playing at Ralston BC, I'll soon drag them doon tae ma level :lol:

Why are ye playing with Ralston Boys Club?...pick on someone yer own age..ya big bully. :P

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They're already in my list.

Speaking of Lawn St, the New Inn was there.

I've also thought of another one, The Music Academy which was in Back Sneddon Street.

An updated list then...

No longer pubs

Bungalow/Stags Head (now a restaurant)

Arkleston Inn (restaurant)

Fiddler's Green (restaurant)

Carbrook/Centre Spot (restaurant)

3 Horseshoes/Chaplins (offices)

Dooslan Stane (shop/take aways)

Centurion Bar (takeaway)

Tartan Bar (shop)

Farriers (flats)

Fulbar Inn (demolished...now a retirement home)

Bonhams (demolished...now a retirement home)

New Fergus Hotel (demolished...now industrial units)

Cannes (flats)

Cotton Club (lying in ruins)

Valentinos/Paris/Scandals (shop)

The Silver Thread (retirement home)

Friarshall (demolished...now flats)

Brabloch (demolished...now flats)

Rockford (demolished...now KFC)

Talk of the Town (demolished...now flats)

Museum Bar (shop)

Cross Bar (amusement arcade)

St. Mirren Bar (shop)

Long Bar (demolished)

The Lighthouse (demolished)

The Old Tile Bar (demolished)

The East End Bar (demolished)

Campbell's Bar (demolished)

The Bob Inn/Stringfellows (demolished...now a petrol station)

Threads/Senor Chester's (nursery)

The Weavers (demolished)

The New Inn (demolished)

The Music Academy (derelict)

Any more for any more?

Isn't the New Inn now The Abbey Bar? :unsure: And I didn't know the Music Academy was a pub...

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I stand corrected :rolleyes:

Are you gonnae publish the alternative AA guide to pubs in Paisley Tom...categories being:- good or pish(star ratings),a potted history of said boozer,famous jakies who drink or have drunk there.

Entitled..."It used to be a good boozer when Adam and Eve fought in the Sneddon"

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