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Top 5 Albums Your Currently Listening To

Liverpool Bud

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There's an advert on the Radio for Jackson Browne's greatest hits...............


I've honestly never heard any of that crap...........

I've heard 'Take it Easy' by another mob of tossers and never realised it was a cover..................

I am currently listening to Big Audio Dynamite F Punk, Public Image Ltd Compact Disc, Carter USM 30 Something and Rob 'N' Raz feat. Leila K

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...and I wanna try out Deep Dish - that single at the moment is great, really different.

AFAIK Deep Dish only have one album (Junk Science) where they have produced their own tracks.One of the tracks on Junk Science is in conjunction with Everything but the girl.It is a very good album though.

Most of the Deep Dish stuff, including the one I mentioned, is Sharam and Dubfire (the two DJ's who make up Deep Dish) mixing dance tunes.Their offerings from Global underground are excellent including thge afterclub mixes.

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Varied selection from me. These are 5 of the CeeDees I have in the car at the mo':

1) AC/DC : High Voltage

2) BEASTIE BOYS : The 5 Boroughs

3) THE ALMIGHTY : Soul Destruction

4) IAN BROWN : Remixes of the Spheres

5) SLAYER : Reigning blood (will be in my top 5 for a LONG, LONG time)


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Guest Captain Sensible

1. The Queen is Dead - The Smiths

2. The Best of Morrissey - Morrissey

3. Meat is Murder - The Smiths

4. The Jam's Greatest Hits - The Jam

5. The Best of the Damned - The Damned

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Some superb Cd albums kicking about just now.

1/ Dayna Kurtz..... Beautiful Yesterday (Jazz blues)

2/ Wilco...... A Ghost Is Born (another cracker from Americas country rockers )

3/ The Manic Street Preachers Life blood...... ( classic )

4/ Razorlight ..... All Night ( Liverppol band nothing new here in there pop rock )

5 /Prince......Musicology ( His best album yet better than 1999 and Purple rain put together, wonderful )

Scottish band "Dead Dogs Die In Hot Cars" Sound quite Talking head'ish very good Cd. John Michel Jar has re-recorded all his clasics to give his tracks a modern feel. It comes with a free music dvd in souround sound to blow your head off if you have a good system for it to play on.

The new Cd from the "Music" is a pure rocker, think of Led Zeppelin with out the clasic songs. Very good young band out of Leeds.Glasgow's Blue Nile have another cracker of a Cd not long out, chillout over a roaring fire and glass of good Bordeaux with your good lady and see what happens :D

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