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Top 5,4,3,2,1 Glasgow Venues


Which venue would you say is the best for live gigs/concerts  

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Ive been to a few gigs recently & in the past and have got very different views on each venue.

Sometime I feel that the act / supporting acts have been very good but the venue has not done them any benefit and Sometimes Ive felt that the venue has been very good / ideal for certain acts / supporting acts but then they have been rubbish.

Im just wondering what other peoples views are on this type of matter. Ive listed a few of the places in Glasgow alone as there arent many places in Paisley that do live bands (If they do its mostly the same act every performance)

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C'mon Tom :rolleyes: Whats happening to the Appolo :P

Nah .... Seriously the reason I thought about and did start this thread was because Ive been to many gig's small & large @ many different venues small & large... For example..

I went to see a band called Pacifica (if thats how its spelt) a few years back (few guys from Paisley in the band) and I thought they were brilliant and the venue was ideal for them. The venue being King Tuts.. Went to see many bands inbetween that and before it for that matter... oh and after that#

BUT I not so long ago went to see Keane @ The Barrowlands and thought they were total class .... even better than they are live (Tom Chaplin stole the show) But I thought the Barras was a sh*t venue.....

Since telling everyone this no one has agreed that the Barrowlands is a sh*te venue... So hence the reason I started this thread...


P.S.- I was mad with it at the Keane gig but I wasnt mad enough not to think the Barras was a sh*t venue for that particular gig... Oh and I better add I choose Braehead (although Weller slated it I thought it was great for both his gig and the Oasis one).... Who choose the Armadillo because that would have been another favourite of mine

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Who choose the Armadillo because that would have been another favourite of mine

I did. Superb venue - great view, great acoustics, room to dance (if the bouncers will let you). Only beaten by the Royal Concert Hall.

Mind u, that's venues that are still standing. Green's Playhouse was the best EVER. :D

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QMU for me, lots of really good bands when they were starting out played in there

I saw the White Stripes in there. First class.

I've been to gigs in all of the above venues, apart from the garage and the Renfrew ferry i think, the best is of course the Barrowlands :D with the worst undoubtedly being Braehead :angry: .

I saw the strokes in both but in Braehead they wouldn't let you keep your ticket (why?) there was no water at the front and the barrier at the front moved so the show had to stop and start again! I just don't like going to gigs in shopping centres...

Also, for a small venue, you can't beat King Tuts. Lost count of the amount of times i've been there but evey one has been memorable!!

Also, saw Morrisey at Paisley Town Hall last month, get that on the list!!

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in Braehead they wouldn't let you keep your ticket (why?)

If it's half standing, half seating then this would probably be to stop you smuggling mates who have seating tickets into the standing area. A wee trick that is easily operated at the SECC.

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