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  2. Well unfortunately we don't have 150k to buy him and 10k a week to pay his wages. It's quite simple really. Comparing Obika to a player we can't afford is pointless.
  3. I don’t think their financial position has improved dramatically, and think it would be a good punt.
  4. I don’t think their financial position has improved dramatically, and think it would be a good punt.
  5. Really surprised to see this, however, as others have said, I don’t want to see us keep an unhappy player. Ironic if Jack wants to sign him to replace the injured Naismith. Paul has been a magnificent servant to the club and if he wants to go (to Hibs) then good luck to him. I personally think he was better in midfield for us, and Flynn looks a natural at RB. Thanks for the memories and good luck.
  6. It was a hard watch today, against a very poor Aberdeen side. I’d prefer to see us try to win these matches (from the start) rather than set up not to lose.
  7. How,s this for a team Hladky McGinn McKenzie Famewo Waters Djorkoff Flynn Andrieu McGinn Cooke Mullen All going at the end of the season , which gives us a decent budget to get a few good players in . Perhaps two or three by the end of the week if McGinn moves on
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  9. I loved big Barry, but are you sure you've got the right guy?
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  11. I tuned into 2nd half of the NFL Pro Bowl where they were talking about Bryant in the past tense, which didn't bode well. I switched to watching the coverage on American TV, which is at Princess Diana levels. Don't know how aware people are of him here, but this is on the magnitude of the likes of Messi or Ronaldo perishing suddenly.
  12. Radio Scotland quoting £6k a week for Boyce. Way out of our league.
  13. Yeah I saw the story as well. Disaster for the Bryant family. Lets acknowledge that 9 people died so upto 7 familes are devasted this evening not just the one with the famous bloke in it.
  14. The league is absolutely terrible this year. We have some of the worst and most ineffective players i've seen in a long time yet some of our opponents are worse! If we had any sort of quality, even Oran Kearneys team wouldve been mid table by now. Never been so bored at games. I know results are what matter but I cant watch the equivalent of paint drying much longer. Did we have a shot on goal apart from obika's sitter? Shocking for a home team. And before anyone has a go at me, we've all watched the likes of Morgan, Mallan recently, strikers like Yardley, Lavety even Gavin Reilly! What we are currently watching is rubbish!
  15. Aberdeen are not a good team this season. Doesnt matter what theyve done previously. I was speaking to a couple of their supporters last night and they were not looking forward to today's game because theyve been so bad. I thought their general play was awful today. If we had any sort of quality we wouldve beaten them
  16. I think jim should have replaced obika with Mullen. I hope he starts with danny against hibs and especially Hamilton.
  17. Thigh strain apparently. Might be a bit homesick mind you.
  18. Short of counting them, it probably felt like it.
  19. Doing our business in private has worked well Said earlier that I think the boy is talented and has an eye for goal. The Pars main financial woes are behind them but still shaky.
  20. The coming week will throw up some surprises. Mullen may not be with the club by then.
  21. That would be ideal. Perhaps a NATOesque “contribution” towards the defence costs so each is paying their “fair share”. Of course it’s not going to happen as Westminster will never give that amount of power up. But it’s things like this which would preserve the long term future of the union.
  22. On one hand, that's true... I absolutely believe the ref didn't give it though as Cosgrove committed initial foul in the build up a few seconds prior that he missed.
  23. Don't think they are in as much peril as they used to be. If I remember correctly, they shelled out about £40-50k for Andy Ryan from Airdrie a couple of years ago. Even at that. If we could offer 80k, there's going to be an Aberdeen, Hearts or Hibs who could and would easily come in and shark us.
  24. Start with Mullen and we'll have a better chance of scoring. Possibly, or start with someone new.
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