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  2. Utd are a great bet at 13/10, if I was a neutral I be sticking a few £££s on that.
  3. They are cocks and always will be, even if they win the play offs. That is all.
  4. I can see your point re Lyons. I often wonder what he brings to the team, Most times when he gets the ball it goes backwards. He makes the odd telling run but I'm not his biggest fan. I disagree about McGinn. He is a piss poor ball winner and lots of our goals have been conceded when he plays too deep. Dundee was a classic example. Bairdy and him where left standing. I think when he's on form he's a real threat going forward. He's looking good just now. I reckon there's a Vincent Kompany type goal coming from him soon. I would still think The two Kyles will score more than Cody over the next two games But seriously I hope they all score 10 each. 220 - 0 would be a great aggregate score for us.
  5. No fear about this game this is ours to lose and we definitely won’t this is a game they have to come out and win we will beat them over two legs my belief and love for the Saints has been rekindled since the Split we are a team who have discovered fight - form - and winning mentality at the right time! i hope all those travelling to Tayside sing their hearts out and we do them 2-0 in the first leg in front of their 10000 fans! Come on the Buddies - lets do this
  6. In a moment of weakness I succombed to responding to him, I apologise, I won't make the same mistake again. Good for you wee man...
  7. Focusing on the last 6-8 games everything I've said is true. The previous 28-26 I'd have said we've appointed someone who has no idea in how to organise a team to get results. Tactically naive, and has no idea how to get the most out of limited players, even if it means shit festing games to get a point. Kearney was utter shite for the majority of this season, to the extent he was totally out his depth, even if his predecessor was worse.
  8. In a moment of weakness I succombed to responding to him, I apologise, I won't make the same mistake again.
  9. If you focus on the last 6-8 games you might see things differently. The previous 28-26 seemingly don't get so much attention.
  10. I'd struggle to agree with anyone who thinks we've played actually setup well against anyone. We look out of sorts even in the games we've won, toiling for large periods in games with only ourselves to blame. Kearney is too stuck on the rigid 5-4-1 formation. Even if one is supposed to play off the striker. The personal used are far too static for the tactic, and the constant use of playing out from the back to shell the ball forward towards a small lone striker instead of into the channels has caused us all sorts of grief. We actually look alright when we up the tempo, against Accies Flynn actually came on and carried the ball forward to create. Kearney needs to stop playing Lyons and McAllister together, because they drift out of games for far too long tell McGinn to stay deep, he's fine as a ball player but he's so static that any passes in attack are side to side as teams sit in. Play a bigger striker to feed off if we are continuing to play though the centre backs, as their passing is crap. Give us the chance of a second ball. Our pressing is non existent for the majority of games, probably because our players aren't athletic enough to take turns pressing the opposition relentlessly throughout the game, to force mistakes in the opposition area. I've still not seen anything from Kearney from a tactical standpoint that's impressive.
  11. The team is much fitter now under Oran which is why they are better. Under Stubbs their fitness was shocking. Stubbs is documented as having a lethargic approach to training. It couldn't have been better illustrated than by the state of Stephen McGinn. I think he is also now playing them in positions that suit his tactics. Previously they couldn't do this. I love the way Cody Cooke is coming onto a game but I personally don't think he's a great striker. Oran used him because Dundee were playing 16 year olds and were down to 10 men. I'm not a great Mullen Fan either but to be fair he has been effective recently. I think Jackson is the best forward we have. He's not a great scorer but he's still the best we have. The St Johnstone penalty was unfortunate. Oran signed the Duck. Not been too impressed by him. He looked good for the first 10 minutes when he came on in the 2-0 rangers game but after being on the receiving end of couple of hard fouls he lost his taste for scottish football and has been ineffective ever since. Scoring goals hasn't been our strong point but since Hamill left McGennis and McAllister have been our biggest threats. I wouldn't rush to throw in Cooke or Nazon early. Just my opinion but I think Oran is playing it right
  12. I can't be exact but I reckon it was round about after cameras were invented.
  13. ffs faraway’s back........Get back to the sin bin [emoji6][emoji23]
  14. Do you drink with Elvis or are you Elvis? [emoji6]
  15. But not a Kearney signing, indeed over half the team in the last few werks has bern largely others signings dispelling the myth he didnt have goid enough players to take 11 points from 15. keep us up, job done.
  16. Yeah that was this one. willock off Edwards on happy to help the roasters!
  17. Today
  18. I thought everyone knew that the numbers interstadia put on the ticket map are widely incorrect. The only good thing that's come from this is the club can actually move into the modern era, and reduce or ideally stop paper tickets all together.
  19. How convenient. 😀
  20. You are using the argument that because science doesn't have all the answers that it somehow validates the arguments religious people put forwards? That is logical nonsense. Why would you think that was a reasonable thing to suggest? You are not debating in good faith here. Your suggestion that you need to read the Bible in the original Hebrew to be able to criticise it is utterly ridiculous. There are probably no more than a handful of people alive who have done this. If atheists really can't comment on the bible for that reason then logically you are saying neither can the overwhelming majority of Christians who also haven't read it in that format. The whole of Christianity may as well shut up shop if you are correct.
  21. I liked the bit where the club stated ‘You’ve been with us all season’ Erm hundreds of us were with you ALL MONDAY & you still pulled the roller blind down at 4pm then f**ked off !
  22. Football is a game about opinions and for what it’s worth here’s mine. I question the idea that Oran is tactically naive. He has a game plan and in his early days his substitutions (when they were made) were largely ineffective. This led to some questioning his ability and comparing his points rate to that of Stubbs. I think the problem here was. Most of the players he inherited were crap. It’s easy to spot crap players on the field but when all you have on the bench are players who are even more crap. (Or more Crapper). It may just have come down to fitness. No point in being tactical just get fresh legs on. Alan Stubbs left us with an unfit team and a captain who needed shorts two sizes bigger than the season before because of ballooning arse syndrome. It’s hard to play quality football when you’re a Fat Bassa. Ask Mike Yardley. Since Oran has got the team fitter, Top Bin being a classic example of how a manager makes a difference, and he has made signings that offer more depth and option his substitutions have been much more effective. Like most good managers when you have good players you can make a difference. The argument that he is a bad manager because he couldn’t motivate a bunch of unfit duds is unfair. In the tactical battle between Neilston (who rejected us) and Oran my money is on Oran. Robbie has been playing his season in a lesser league with the best players in his division and superior budget. He failed to win the league. His team have grabbed a lifeline and they will be up for it but will they be good enough. I don’t think so. Oran has been playing most of the season with arguably the worst players in the top league but kept our survival hopes alive. He now has much better players. He’s racking up the points and we’re winning by fighting and scrambling for every point. We are a much bigger, stronger, fitter and more balanced team than we were the last time we met them, and Oran knows his players much better now. Neilston has a 60% win Ratio with United and Oran has a 22% win rate with Saints but you can’t compare apples and oranges. I think we will see the best of Oran over these two games. “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Cody Cooke wasn’t a bad substitution
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