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  2. missed all of this last night and could only follow the match various online means and the last 20 mins on car radio.. Hey, we have managed to boil it all down to a one off, home match, starting 0-0 against a lower league team to stay in the top league. Everyone one of us would have taken that at Christmas. I think OK has managed the tie pretty well thus far and will change line up and tactics on Sunday to win the match for us. What an occasion at St Mirren Park. I will be out, and I mean OUT out on Sunday afternoon after clearing away the MoK Run course and wearing my stripes proudly in Campbeltown pubs cheering us on like a crazy man.
  3. I must have overdosed on Forum content yesterday, I conked out after around 70 minutes. Thankfully, woke up just after full time to find, no harm done at Tannadice. All systems go for Sunday. COME ON THE SAINTS.
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  5. Sorry think that's out of order, actually it may even be assault, but it's certainly not football, an accident is one thing but going out to deliberately injure somebody is not acceptable and I do not care what other people / teams do. NOT acceptable
  6. Not sure if they lose patience quickly or just makd bad choices when appointing?
  7. Do we really need this thread, this week off all weeks?
  8. Despite United being written off by many we probably matched them overall. There is, IMO, nothing between the teams and being at home isn't a great advantage. What matters is us stepping up the pace from the off, we had another poor first 45 minutes. I thought our start after half time would have seen us gain a real advantage but it failed to transpire into anything worth talking about. Sunday is MASSIVE, a win at all costs, a great goal, a jammy goal, a penalty, any type of winning goal will do.
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  10. We did a professional job and did what we had to do tonight in spite of being underdogs with the bookies; written off by the pundits;; with a large crowd against us; and the pettiness of Buddies not allowed flags and banners and the drum but Home support could. So well done. However the formation and personnel should change for Saturday. The 3-4-3 gave us two wide players on each flank, which also kept Utd stretched, but left a huge hole between the sitting midfielders and the lone striker. I'd give Cooke 10/10 for effort but he is not a lone target man - too many touches to control the ball and fails to hold it up enough IMHO. That being said he had little support in a tough job. Mullen frustrates the life out of me but he should start on Sunday, if we have only one up top, for the occasional free kick which may keep the ball up the park and Utd looked nervous I thought in defending free kicks in their box. And I like Hodson as a full back however I do not think he is creative enough. I would prefer Muzek since it is a must win game. Onwards and upwards to the final victory and again congratulations for a professional performance tonight.
  11. He signed in January 26 took a couple of games to get up to speed. Was beginning to become a valued player in the squad with good attacking prowess. Played 10 Scored 1 and set up 5. Got injured start of April and returned to parent club.
  12. Very disappointed to see the stick Cooke is getting. Not the time or the place for such comments. We've watched some amount of guff this season (even in shape of one of Cody's predecessors!) That was not even close to the worst performance i've seen this season, it's not even the worst St Mirren performance i've seen this week. United tried to rough us up, Cody stood upto it and gave as good as he got, held the ball up well at times and gave 100%. You can't underestimate how a hard a task it is to lead the line on your own against a hardened defence in a game of that magnitude. I thought he done well all things considered.
  13. I'm not a fan of Nazon but Dreyer is a very good footballer if a bit lacking in physicality. He's only been injured since the Livi game but it was a season ending one. He played 10 games, contributed 5 assists and scored one after a slow start in his first 3 games. He always looked to unpick a defence and was actually really effective in doing so.
  14. When did we sign him? Only 10 games ago or has been injured for most of that time? I'll check back when I have time but my overall impression is he's nowhere close to the heralded praise some heaped on him when he was signed. He's not alone, don't start me on the lump of wood that is the Duck. #internationalisthahaha Oh, how I love selected ou Tube clips.
  15. Agreed, despite the media's best efforts to delude the masses that United are some great team and a massive club who have a right to have Premiership football we were actually really confortable tonight for the most part and they played every aspect of our game to a tee. Onto Sunday
  16. Better than what? He had plenty of games to improve the squad he inherited. We ended up 11th, in a league that has possibly, I'll check tomorrow, with the worst 3 teams for a considerable time. It's all relative and as usual many focus on selective points. The only thing that matters now is we scrape through. Will it be enough to convince me Kearney is good enough, nope. Again, finding us in this 50/50 situation isn't a success IMO. If we survive that will be seen as enough for some, I would be happier to be sitting back watching Hamilton fighting for survival rather than us. There's a lot riding on one game.
  17. Hate to single him out I just watched very closely I like Cody. I admire him fighting through the label of a Stubbs dud this season. I think he's improving and I'd keep him next season. Just didn't think he was effective at all tonight and prefer our more proven option in a vital game.
  18. People putting way too much emphasis on 3 goals v Dundee. But he finished what others created. 1st Danny Mullen laid it on a plate and we still had to rely on the keeper making a mistake with a header directly at him 2nd a nice controlled sweep home and 3rd well, would that strike have been a goal 90% of the time. Mullen makes things happen Mullen creates Mullen has scored some spectacular and important goals over run in If he's looking in get the cheque in the post but honestly I'd trust Danny with the task of scoring the goal/s that keep us up
  19. Of course, I mean we don't need a guy who provided 5 assists in 10 games....who wants pish like that?
  20. Struggling to disagree with most of what you say, but it would be silly not to recognise that after Kearney had his own window, we have been considerably better. You have to agree with that.
  21. I thought Cooke looked OK tonight, dreadfully isolated but put in a good shift, won a lot in the air and held the ball up pretty effectively.
  22. I thought Cooke improved 2nd half and won more challanges and brought others into play more although he was done by 80 minutes. All about opinions, but not pre-conceived opinions.
  23. I thought Cooke improved 2nd half and won more challanges and brought others into play more although he was done by 80 minutes.
  24. Was waiting a long time 1st half to hear his name and it was the ball bouncing off his chest to a Utd player. Next was losing possession then 2nd half it was another lost possession which lead to a Utd corner. Some ok bits later on and tries hard but he certainly did not "hold it up well" Can't afford to start him Sunday.
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