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  2. The opposite of sequential thinking is holistic thinking and the problem with that type of thinker is that they don't do detail and they wholly depend on others to achieve things for them. This is you down to a tea. Think about your own "achievements". How much have you actually done on your own? This is why your posts are vague and of low value. It's not that you are afraid of being hung by your own petard, it's because there's genuinely no substance or depth to your thoughts. You don't know how to be genuinely creative. Don't be one of those two types They are both essential skills. Embrace both. That is the real big picture. Surprising that a holistic thinking advocate like you could miss something so obvious. When the revolution comes we'll need people who can both plan ahead for survival AND use a saw.
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  4. Me too.... I'm working that Saturday! [emoji25][emoji850]
  5. If it is a positive impact - than he is happy! If Scottish independence has a NEAGATIVE impact on someone in Durham - then the Scottish should wonder why the UK is so keen to hold on to us! (Anyway - Durham voted Tory so.....).
  6. Big Scot Walker (lleft) - The big shite knocked my teeth out playing against him!!! :-(
  7. I agree with your last sentence. Danny is a hard working player and has scored important goals for us. I like him coming on as a sub. He tends to fall over too often, too easily however.
  8. Naturally the best finisher at the club. Has a little bit of a Ross Stewart feeling to it, far from the finished article - certainly has something about him. Hope the striker that's coming in is impressive...
  9. Looking down that list, just to piss shull off, should we sign ... Ciaran Diver?
  10. Because it is not reasonable in any way to have one partner wanting to go their own way whilst the bigger partner can force them to stay against their stated will. All joking aside, I can understand why you feel aggrieved but denying you a vote does not make Scotland a tinpot country. You are being melodramatic here. What the SNP decided was consideraby more reasonable than anything you are suggesting.
  11. I heard 2 weeks ago that Danny had been told to find a new club. Madness. He has the best scoring ratio of anyone at ghe club. If anyone should be going it shojld be Cooke.
  12. I'd like to see this match played on the Friday night or Sunday.
  13. You never know. Mullen might see the writing on the wall, out of contract in summer, already told he's not getting extended or doesn't want to extend and both parties want to cut loose now. Stranger things have happened. If Danny still had 18 months left, I'd be questioning the wisdom of this but he's got 6 months and he's not played as much football as he'd like.
  14. If I'm wrong and he has been listed though, it's not a great shock. He's one of two out of contract forwards in the summer and it was a toss up between himself and Cody Cooke to make way for the striker who is presumably imminent. Danny can pull the odd belter out of nowhere and works really hard but for me, holding the ball up in the final third isn't his strong suit and it's clear Goodwin likes a forward to do this. If he's on his way, all the best. Just hopefully it's not to a Hamilton or St. Johnstone where he will undoubtedly hurt us badly.
  15. I think it would be crazy if that were true goodwin has been full of praise for him when he's come on hope it's someone taking the piss
  16. There's no way that's legit. That's for players who have no club or who are currently out of contract. Danny Mullen is neither. His contract is expiring in the summer but then so is half of Scottish football and they aren't there.
  17. He's a great wee player don't understand Jim goodwins thinking here. He makes a Hugh difference every time he comes on this is one that could definitely come back to haunt us.
  18. Aye definitely one that gives me mixed feelings. He can frustrate the hell out me, but has become a bit of a cult hero with his important goals. Generally always gives us his all.
  19. Aye that is a poor show, if accurate - Danny is at least as good as other forwards currently in the squad.
  20. And what ? Sevco fans remain sectarian scumbags as do their Club. And you condone it.
  21. Not a good feeling reading that. Danny gives everything for the team. Worth keeping.
  22. Oh! And Djorkaeff played for QOS in closed door game against the Gers.
  23. Oh dear... You do get angry about this don't you. Well the Northern Ireland Assembly has just rejected Boris J's Brexit Bill Mr Union
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