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  2. The Brechin game was 13th January, first game at Greenhill Road was 31st January.
  3. Which fans though? A couple who have been voted onto the board? Or everyone who buys in? Who gets to decide what the fans want?
  4. Nope. What he has done is jump in with two feet and made a mistake. It's up to him to decide whether to correct it or not. Unlike you, I am not overly interested in hounding him over it.
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  6. This thread seems a bit weird. Assuming we adopt the 51-49 model, the running of the club shouldn’t be that different to the way it is now. It just means that the fans will always have the ultimate say in the clubs direction. Fan ownership is a great thing, as long as we live within our means. And I’m sure we will.
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  8. He started as a defender , but when he picked up that injury against Ayr United he was playing central midfield , that said he was good enough to switch from sweeper to holding midfielder to attacking midfielder in the same game . A truly great player for Saints early nineties .
  9. If I recall correctly, the LAST game at SMP / Love Street wasn't always going to be the LAST one! Think we had a cup-tie to play (Away to Brechin I think!) In the event of a replay required, cup rules suggested that despite having already played our first league match at the Feegiedome / Greenhill Rd / SMP2 - We would be required to play said replay at the old grunn!! (Never happened thankfully!)
  10. The urinals from the North Bank.
  11. He's still risking his money until he gets it back.
  12. Have you not got a wee spare trophy kicking about for Adam Hammill?It would be nice to recognise his 2 wonder goals.
  13. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  14. Didn't I read somewhere that Aberdeen get the toilets from the Caledonia Street stand?
  15. Hope so - that would be about perfect -clean sheet and a couple of our guys pitching in with goals and all 3 points
  16. Nah they are going to give Hamilton both ends on the Monday night! Is that because they bring more than a few fans.
  17. You must be joking. Board members need to be team players and I am not a team player. It's very much "My way or the Highway" when or comes to running things. I don't crave power. I crave personal independence above everything.
  18. There is another Triumph Herald but an earlier model this time . .what's it doing parked there. .(notice how the Hackney dunsae look old. .)
  19. 2-0 to the paisley brazilians on Saturday 🏁 mullen and mcallister scorers 🥳
  20. Tough call but I went with Jack and Ethan.
  21. Like Michael and Janet Jackson... you never see them together!
  22. Thats not much of a start to your campaign for smisa club board rep. Good luck getting anyone interested. Lol
  23. Cringeworthy retort. You got all, yes all the facts wrong. Then you insist you know, in detail the nature of a complaint only the complainant, smisa committee and the FCA could know about. fwiw i now believe you are are/were not on the Smisa committee, or know anything about its processand proceedure.
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