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  2. That’s still not true remember? No matter how many times you bring it up, it’ll still be a lie. Just like your lie that you’ve proven Liam Smith isn’t good enough for the SP
  3. I'm not getting this. Maybe it's my failing brain but I doubt it. You said he was "nowhere to be seen" and then you said he was "15 feet away" from the dugout. All I'm asking is which of those was true because it can't be both.
  4. That ships sailed some time ago......................fecking pony tail.
  5. Says the guy whose analogy compared him to a burglar! [emoji1]
  6. Yup, my mental arithmetic seems to be deteriorating, better concentrate on keeping my good looks!
  7. Just checked the odds on that..........................1,000,000/1.
  8. Doesn't need a swing of goals. A win for us, defeat for Dunfermline, AR beat EC and EC beat EK will see us top the group with 7 pts, Dunfermline, EC and AR on 6 and EK on 5. Unlikely but possible!!!
  9. According to the table a win for us gives us 7 points and a defeat for Dunfermline leaves them with 6. If either Edinburgh City or Albion rovers win their remaining 2 games they can end up with 9 points.
  10. We'll pump Albion by a good few goals.......5-0 at least.
  11. Livingston are an excellent example of just how well things go with foreign investors...…………………...🤣
  12. I love it when we all have fun.
  13. He's going to play up front with a Nigerian wonderkid with Scottish ancestry, Maboza Ritchie. I'll get ma coat...
  14. Today
  15. You can get cream for that.
  16. Heard Saints have been linked with a Japanese player, Makunt Izichi.
  17. Once upon a time, I too believed what I read in the papers. In mid-June, 2012, EVERY paper reported the death of Rangers. (this helpful football- related link shows a selection - https://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/the-death-of-rangers-fc-lest-we-forget-tomorrow-we-play-sevco-rangers/ ). It was very sad for fans of Rangers. No papers will report that death anymore. Newspaper sales have plummeted, mostly because they are out of date, but for me it’s because they print lies and ignore the truth. The papers have been corrupted... But Rangers is still deid. Newspapers now pretend that the new club (TRFC previously named sevco) is morally entitled to the trophies won (occasionally by cheating) by the deid club, whereas most fitba fans know the only thing that sevco has won is the Petrofac cup, not bad for a new club. Don’t blindly trust the papers. Instead listen to... and read the posts of... older, wiser heads. (Eg very much older and wiser, HSS)
  18. Absolute gold in the last dozen posts here 😂😂 Did IOBS just get wooshed after it was noticed Ricky had been? That's even better 😂
  19. A few times. They had to bleep every second word. What a shocking excuse to sack the manager and Maggie was never allowed to forget it.
  20. Jaybee. It was a wind up... Not by me but I fell for it.
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