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  2. Harold Shipman amongst other reasons Killing people against their will is still going to be murder and therefore illegal so I'm not sure what relevance this has to folk who want to be euthanased.
  3. No need to explain the generic "you" bit. Just like you, I can cut through the language to get the gist so no need to walk on eggshells. I'm not TPAK thingy. As far as the dodgy doctor bit looking for an inheritance you have to remember that I believe people should be allowed to choose the time and manner of their deaths even for suicide so your point about 20% of inheritance wouldn't be an issue. Of course, if you just allowed people to do what they wanted and trust them to live with their own decisions we wouldn't have that problem. The inheritance thing is actually caused by restrictions so it damages your point rather than boost it. I'm still not sure why anyone other than the person themselves is being allowed to make this decision for them.
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  6. Well I'm not the one who had to resort to making things up - End of Story! Just us nutters left now, Flipper!
  7. Maybe in case you can find a dodgy doctor to sign off on it for, say, 20% of your inheritance. Much harder to find 2 such doctors - and it would cost you 40%, maybe not worth it. (Generic "you", not actually you) As well as the benefits already mentioned, over here it would save the NHS a fortune and have the added bonus of pissing off insurance companies as they fail to collect an extra 6 months of premiums before having to pay out.
  8. HSS

    Bah, humbug!

    On the way to the Bull Inn?.........again 🤔
  9. Prefabs in Gockston. I spent the first two years of my life in Marchfield Avenue. I've never seen that first arial shot before. Last shot is me as a wean outside our prefab.
  10. It was all aglow as I passed, about 8.00pm. awfy good...
  11. Still trying to find the St Mirren related rumour in this thread
  12. I never noticed it earlier. When did it get lit up?
  13. The snaw didnae matter and, cos it was on fixed tracks, fog was also minimally problematic. IIRC....
  14. 1. I like to think I may be the Scroogeriest of the Scrooges... 2. I have always felt that NUTHIN could outshine Coats Memorial. 3. But... WOW! This evening. It's actually an arch, through which you could pass, en route to the steps. So... quite... Big!
  15. Surely his last job. Worst football manager in history. I find it astonishing that clubs still appoint him. Failed at every club he has been with
  16. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/match-reports/scunthorpe-united-3-0-sunderland-17247255
  17. Rooth the mooth knew it was time to go, Johnson coming in may have been the final straw (obviously as a Tory she needed to lie about the real reason, hence the family pish she spouted) but I think she also knew any snap election would be severely detrimental to the Tories in Scotland and it was easier to leave than face the reality. I’ve never known a politician to get as easy a ride as she has - all interviews with her were about her personal life, and absolutely f**k all to do with her “policies”. I use “policies” loosely as like the rest of the Scottish Tories, the only things she could say were “SNP”, “Independence” and “No referendum”.
  18. Did you even read the statement? 😂
  19. Nope, you don’t need luck, just some correct information on your side would do, unfortunately you don’t have that though. Keep on posting what I’ve debunked if you want. You’re adding nothing more to the conversation.
  20. I didn't need luck to disprove you and your cheap debating tricks, just the facts - Keep on Flipping!
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