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  2. That's right. The normally docile GLS ignored Stubbs taking training in an unprofessional manner, ignored his disastrous dealing in the transfer window, ignored performances and results (Kilmarnock and Dumbarton being decent showings in a dozen games in charge), ignored results, ignored dressing room unresult, ignored the deteriorating relationship between Stubbs and the board, ignored the sour relationship between Stubbs and the fans, and sacked Stubbs based on fans posting about the manager on this fans' unofficial forum. Given the truth of what you say, it follows that GLS will cave in to whatever fans post on here. Maybe we'll hire part-time players and reduce ticket prices to £5 for adults? Tony Fitzpatrick has said in his book, there was no plan to sack Stubbs (even after the Hearts game) but because Stubbs had seen a Daily Record story claiming Jim McIntyre was about to get his job he demanded that the board back him or sack him and having been pumped in every game after the flukey win against Dundee and taking into account the factors listed above the board decided that if Stubbs insisted on getting more cash and a public vote of confidence from the board they would rather sack him than back him. Basically, Stubbs was sacked for believing the Daily Record!
  3. Goodwin has confirmed for weeks there are targets and offers on the table. There’s a reason we brought in Gus. He’s had one full window & it was a Successful one. I personally think it makes little sense to judge this windows transfer activity when we know likely another half a dozen signings will be incoming.
  4. ffs I can’t believe I had a giggle at that [emoji38][emoji23]
  5. Two words mate..... Tony Andreu
  6. I actually was saving that bit for later but you ruined the surprise. See you in the bin soon no doubt
  7. NA, LPM's Flareybob on diazapan
  8. The man from Arbroath is back. Stir, stir, stir. New ideas please.
  9. Nice edit....................tick tock. Here's the bit that was edited................ Ur obviously a loyalist UDA cnut..... enjoy tomorrow. ..
  10. I'm not judging the transfer policy in July. I do think that we have done better in January over the past couple of years. Something to do with a manager being in place before the window perhaps?
  11. I'm not judging the transfer policy in July. I do think that we have done better in January over the past couple of years. Something to do with a manager being in place before the window perhaps?
  12. I am amazed that a comment giving constructive feedback has caused such a strong reaction. I guess this might show the strength of support for JG. I support his appointment and believe that, like a true professional, he will take on board and continue to develop himself and in the process the team and club. COYS. COJG.
  13. Lets see. All u talk about is either Sevco or slagging off Saints fans. Your best pal flies the union jack and boris and katie. enjoy tomorrow. ..
  14. If only it was that easy DJ. Did AS not go down that route to some extent? Few shortcuts. Doesn't mean it is impossible.
  15. Looking forward to the match. Said earlier that I recall a nervous but great match there when we won in extra time. No extra time. No penalties pleasr. A win in normal time would be good
  16. I Know Motherwell have a guy working with them that works on re habilitation and getting guys fit with chronic injuries. I think part of their strategy is picking up good players who are considered a crock and get this guy working on them. When Moult was signed he had a chronic injury (pelvic or hamstring) I’m told he couldn’t shoot from the edge of the box due to this injury until this guy started working on him. I suppose sometimes you need to think outside the box rather than going with the old tried and trusted method. Also this guy worked on Steven Whittaker when he moved to Hibs from Norwich. P.s. don’t know if all the players mentioned were all crocks before signing on at Motherwell.
  17. Today
  18. Let us think about this, he's either a liar or a grass. So Andy, what one is it. [emoji23]
  19. League cup campaign is not acceptable but it hardly means our whole summer/ season will be a mess Judging our transfer window in July
  20. Were they not taken over by EE anyway? Not sure what your network provider has to do with things!
  21. Bit harsh, I was only asking [emoji2]
  22. Given the roaring and greeting that would ensue if any player doesn't satisfy the requirements of the team and the high standards of the fans, then yes, it is that difficult.
  23. Oh dear. Sectarian abuse is a criminal offence. Reported.
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