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  2. Such a nice, bright, sunny day that I'm tempted to pop up to Perth (only 35 motorway miles away) to watch the Perth Saints take on our Govan Friends. Probably settle for the short walk to the pub to watch it on Sky with my usual pint of diet coke. To keep interest going (long shot I know) ill be hoping for an away win by several goals.
  3. And there she wriggles. How your post "could" have been taken is totally irrelevant (I seem to have to use that word a lot when replying to you). Someone "could" have taken your post as meaning that you like to stick light bulbs up your arse. Why "should" it have been taken that way? You said it was an "additional point", then mentioned members, didn't mention finance and then stuck in the 120% claim. I really don't understand why you just can't admit that you should have put the word "financial" before "target". All it needed was for you to say, "OK, I should have said "financial target" to be clearer". But no, you paint yourself into a corner, dig a hole and proceed to howl at the moon.
  4. We are due three home games after the split, so it's likely one of the away fixtures will be reversed.
  5. Looking at the table pod, I think 3 of the teams are looking to do that but only one... Hearts.. Have changed their managet in recent months. But.. On that topic.. All 3 of the managers in the bottom 3 clubs are, with the exception of Jack Ross, the most recently appointed.. I think! I'm sure I'll be corrected if I am wrong.
  6. It's us that needs to get our act together.
  7. A win is a real possibility. No one will argue that we should "settle" for a draw against Motherwell before a ball is kicked. I for one really admired their fighting spirit on the second half of the recent cup game. Underestimate them at our peril. I'll certainly pay my admission price on the basis that I hope to see a Saints win.
  8. Aye, funny how "we" start to grasp as many straws as possible. Not many mentioned the tiredness card after our game with Motherwell before we played Hearts.
  9. Scotland is a country England is a country The UK is not a country #thichasf**k
  10. Don't listen to the hype. They don't have that many missing. However, we should be able to compete with them.
  11. Simply win more games than Accies & Hearts any which way we can. Simple really. And... Don't forget our vastly superior goal difference. Leagues have been won and lost on that and teams relegated or saved on that before. Best not to rely on it though!
  12. Simply win more games than Accies & Hearts any which way we can. Mind you Tony will have his eyes on the top six!
  13. I don't think that anyone is saying that it is likely. What some are saying is that it is still possible. That was a very unexpected win for RC against Aberdeen.
  14. I didn’t see any price guarantee chat if I’m honest but my feeling is we’re probably yet again getting down to semantics and very unlikely risk events. my interpretation of first refusal is just that, if the shares were to be sold SMISA would be the first option to buy them. (Already chat about reserves and the likes and the number of members that have said they’d willingly continue similar sub after the shares are bought, I imagine it’s pretty likely we’ll build them up) The only risk I can see in this, is if another party comes in with an offer higher than we could raise. It isn’t very likely at all someone will bid way over value for shares in a company like St Mirren to become a minority shareholder at the determinant of the club and the backing of kibble. We can discuss low risk events until the cow comes home, you could also do it with any company on the planet. You’ll never get any model where zero risk exists, including the original BTB proposal that you spent countless hours of your life referencing risks that never materialised.
  15. But the goal difference will save us surely? Lol Aye, forgot about that other frenzy "we" went through. 😂
  16. But the goal difference will save us surely? Lol
  17. Our problem has been not being able to bear those around us more often. That's why we are in a mini league now with H& H To pass county we would need to record three wins more than them by season end, whilst maintaining as a minimum the current gap. On our form that's unlikely.
  18. That's our problem. We can play 5 games, get 5 draws and feel smug we are undefeated. Accies or RC or Fakes play 5, lose 3 but shitfest two 1-0 wins giving them 6 points with their 3 defeats. We need to start winning games. Exactly. The short sighted among"us" have been trotting out this drivel "we've only lost 2 games and that was to the OF" type of trash for months, failing to mention we hardly win a game.
  19. My initial post could and should have been taken as BTB being over 120% of initial target which it is, the target equated to a financial one since ultimately we’re paying... money. thought it was perfectly clear given the simplistic nature of the percentages. Someone still failed to understand so I clarified. (Maybe I misjudged certain contributors capability to apply common sense) This will never change no matter how often you bring it up. It was absolutely what I meant & absolutely how it should have been interpreted. You not believing me is irrelevant.
  20. The UK governments health secretary Matt Hancock, who received a £10,000 donation for his leadership campaign bid last year from Wol Kolade, head of Livingbridge private equity firm that owns Vanguard Healthcare, which provides mobile facilities such as operating theatres and wards. I wonder how many legit (cough cough) contracts that would have got him. Hancock’s predecessor as health secretary Jeremy Hunt received a donation of £20,000 in June last year from Mustafa Mohammed, the owner of Genix Healthcare, a private dental care provider. It's nice to see folk earning money legitimately. [emoji848] Sir Iain Duncan Smith has an ongoing position since March 2018 as a member of the international advisory board of Tunstall Health Group, a digital healthcare group. The former work and pensions secretary, who receives £20,000 a year in quarterly instalments for up to 30 hours a year. Pity his generosity in receiving from a company that profits from those that require the care and wasn't reciprocated in the cuts that cost the lives of many. Former Cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell, the MP for Sutton Coldfield who was at the centre of the “plebgate” row in 2012, received £30,000 a year as a senior adviser to UK Global Health Care Ltd – which is involved in hospital activities – for five days work. Just another coincidence that another tory receives a large payment from a private medical supplier. Steve Brine, MP for Winchester, who is listed as an event speaker for Sigma pharmaceuticals company, receiving £1667 a month for up to 16 hours of “speeches, networking and Q&A sessions”. He is also a strategic adviser to Remedium Partners, a healthcare recruitment firm, working on an “ad-hoc basis” at a rate of £800 a day. That can't be true, only £800 a day. Pfft, he must have wished he was in the cabinet to receive a lot more than £800 a day. Ranil Jayawardena, MP for North East Hampshire, is the director of firm Ringshall Ltd whose clients include pharmaceutical company PepTcell Ltd. In return for four days work a year as a non-executive director, Ringshall Ltd receives share options valued at £20,000, plus there is another £20,000 of share options for four days of strategic consultancy. £5000 a day, That's more like it. I'm sure I've read or head the tories saying folk should get on with their day job, maybe they should saying they're sorry we're to busy to govern because of our day jobs. [emoji54]
  21. Normally I would agree with you but not on this occasion. The lack of away win is why we are in the shit end of the league table.
  22. Today
  23. That's our problem. We can play 5 games, get 5 draws and feel smug we are undefeated. Accies or RC or Fakes play 5, lose 3 but shitfest two 1-0 wins giving them 6 points with their 3 defeats. We need to start winning games.
  24. Price is guaranteed and you leave from Edinburgh at 6.45 in the morning and arrive in Kathmandu 19hr45m later - one way I'm afraid! 👋
  25. Your initial post never mentioned "financial" targets. It should have been interpreted as it was written, not as it was intended to be written, and it was. How, when you make an "additional point", can you be talking about something that you don't mention in your "additional point"? Normal people wouldn't be looking for a pat on the back and claiming that they had done something "admirable" just for admitting they were wrong. It's others that decide if an action is admirable, not the person making the action. As I said, get over yourself. Nobody likes being wrong, but learning to admit when you are is a part of growing up. I admitted I was wrong about Hector Nicol on another thread just yesterday. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. I won't accept that I'm wrong when I'm not. That would just be silly. This is your initial post that is under discussion. Can you show me where you mention finances? Do you want a clue? What you meant to say is totally irrelevant if you didn't actually say it. I'll now sit back and watch you wriggle.
  26. What makes you think a person who's been in these circumstances would be any better? I'd suggest the majority of people in these circumstances would be worse than anyone currently making decisions for the government.
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