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  2. This is f**king garbage by St mirren we are going to get pumped here.
  3. Need more from Magennis and McAllister. Get in there.
  4. hodson, cooke and mullen having a good game. come on lads.
  5. Fair play to Utd, they are throwing everything at us and closing down everything we do. Can they keep that up though?
  6. Saints CAN be better than this.... Hope they switch back on. w7 doing their best.
  7. We dont look like the team wanting to win this.
  8. We are giving them too much space - tighter marking please . . .
  9. Come on McAllister . . . got to be better. Sub imminent
  10. If Mack is alright, then I’d say it’s time to hook Popescu for Flynn. Penned back too much and he’s one poor challenge from a red card, not worth the risk of going down a man.
  11. mckenzie in the wars again, you cannot fault this guys effort he always puts his body on the line
  12. McMullen nowhere near as effective as he was in the first game, thankfully.
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