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  2. That would be good for us, but cannot see that happening. The guy they brought on did not look too bad - they just were a man down which curtained their adventuring up the park a bit. They will still have 11 against the Hammers. To be honest, I don't care if it ends in a draw - so long as the Hammers don't win - not only from our point of view, but so that the following week Dee still have something, all be it the last chance saloon, still to play for against them.
  3. Great to see Kyle back yesterday. Made the difference
  4. 1500 I believe, had more than Livi also the waterfall tune; Oran's at the wheel Tell me how good... does it feel? We've got Ethan... Na-zon and McGinn And they make all the St Mirren sing Doo rooo roo roooo rooo...
  5. Great result yesterday. The fact we have it in our own hands is remarkable given where we were just a few weeks ago. Another cup final dealt with, Four more to go.
  6. "Orans at the wheel Tell me how good does it feel We’ve got Ethan, Nazon and McGinn And we hear all the St Mirren sing..."
  7. Anyone know the number we had there yesterday. Did we have more fans than Livi?
  8. I still think Jack's achievement was greater. I'd given up all hope of staying in the championship, I thought we were guaranteed to go down whereas I've never felt it's a lost cause at any point this season. It would still obviously be a great achievement if Oran keeps us up given the start we had but I've never seen a great escape like Jack's one before and probably never will again.
  9. Today
  10. We will get 10th on points I'm confident of that.
  11. Great win yesterday and brilliant support! If we can at least get level on points by the time we play Hamilton we can all but seal it by beating them due to our superior goal difference.
  12. That's only because I was working this morning and had to stop drinking at 2.59pm
  13. To put the result in perspective, it's been a long time since the number of goals we scored in a match comes close to the number of bevvies mentioned in East Lothian Saint's match report!
  14. I think the reaction in the most recent game against Celtic gave an indication too although without asking all of them you are right, it's not a certainty
  15. Good, good. Focus on the positivity, let the negative feelings go! Yes, you'll be let down by SMFC again at some point.... More than once but that just comes with the territory. Just makes the good moments genuinely unforgettable rather than routine.
  16. Waterfall as in the Stone Roses? Crackin tune for a fitba song.
  17. Both are an inch or two away from being assholes.
  18. I assume the wee boy running out with Oran after the final whistle was his son. You could see his apprehension and excitement and having to be encouraged by Oran to make his way across the park to stand in front of our support. I have no doubt there is a house in Northern Ireland rocking to the resounding chant of, ”Oran Kearney’s Barmy Army” ”Oran Kearney’s Barmy Army” Lucas was the name on the back of the shirt. i doubt he slept last night.
  19. I know I am going to get pelters for this as its me who is saying it but the fans yesterday were FANTASTIC.wish I had been there. Anyone know how many were there.
  20. What's the words to our version of Waterfall?
  21. Yes, the Gaelic for “I’m enjoying this moment in the sun so much I feel the urge to display my sex handles”, is indeed “Taps Aff”.
  22. I see McBurnie scored twice yesterday and now has 19 league goals in the Championship for a mid table side. He’s by far and away the top scoring Scottish striker this season. Who would you play instead?
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