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  2. Thats not what I said but there are many who have had problems through action taken against them for their violations.
  3. No it won’t. Even if it was would a manger that got us promoted to the premiership and kept us up to be a established premiership side be such a terrible thing compared to recent times[emoji23]
  4. I think he packs all that is needed, I think you frel he doesn't. Time will tell, he is still young and growing rapidly.
  5. Doesnt add up mate We signed another keeper on loan IN the same window
  6. Many of us feel like that.
  7. I agree he’s exposed at left back but can also see he lacks just about everything to be a premiership footballer
  8. Hope not cos the alternative is Gus!
  9. We differ. I think he is exposed at left bavk.
  10. This thread is named Goals 2019/20. Think we’ll be waiting until 2020 for the first league goal
  11. Hopefully J G will stay and be given the backing he deserves.
  12. He’s too good to be dragged down by our mess of a board and squad.
  13. I've posted this one before but it's worth repeating because there's so much gong on. Corner of Mill Street and Bank Street 1960
  14. Erhahon lacks basic football skills. Nothing to do with his position
  15. If you were hladky you would have no option but to stay as you would still be under contract
  16. Losing one manager, poor. Losing two managers. bad. Losibng three managers. Very poor, losing four, outrageous. If true.
  17. Not a bad summation but I would add Ernahon and Macpherson but played in position.
  18. No. At the end of the 90 minutes Paul McGinn gesticulated towards the aforementioned in a we need help here with his arms out to the side. Possibly a "sorry we're shite"?
  19. If I was Hladky I’d looking to get out of this shambles we find ourselves in
  20. Spotted Mr McGinn senior with Stephen tonight. GLS should be asking him about the possibilty of knocking out a couple more for us.
  21. Seemingly it was JMG who is well in the know who said it. So a real good chance this is true.
  22. Yet another poor game tonight, could have played all night and not scored. Scrappy, unimaginative stuff. Plus Albion Rovers we’re charging £1 for a cup of tap water!!! Then a huge tailback going home on the M8 (looked like a really bad accident) With regards to moving forward, Flynn, Baird, both Mcginns, Mullen, Mckenzie, magenis and the two new signings and keepers should stay as part of the squad, the rest should go out on loan. We need 6-7 quality signings to come in during this window.
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