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  2. Looking at what we currently have fit - a little patience for a fit Tansey will be well worth the wait . . .
  3. 5yrs from now, Scotland will be a Republic. Happy Days.
  4. Possibly the difference in intensity of training sessions. Goody will have the players in on tough training session and maybe its something that is too strenuous for the stage Tansey is at?
  5. The one thing that would be good if we managed to strike a deal with Adidas (not off the peg versions) is that they/we would now have the rights to reproduce versuibs of kits from our previous times with Adidas. That would be a tidy bit of business and they'd fly off the shelves. Needs to be the old badge though!
  6. There is a grass training pitch at Ralston!
  7. Macron are indeed good but I suspect if we got an Adidas kit again and training gear with the club badge it would put sell anything. What is clear tho is that Joma have been quite poor but as we know it’s only a kit
  8. Have a look at what 'off the peg Adidas' provide for Accies. They're equally as bad as Joma. Macron is the way forward. They produce some cracking kits and actually seem to put a bit of effort into design.
  9. There's time yet. I think we'll get it right still. But I do think we're already in a four-team mini league with County, Accies, and Livi. Need to improve our head-to-head vs those around us this time round.
  10. Yeah you're probably right Ned. I can imagine the club said "we have sports scientists, physio's dietician's fitness experts and a full physio room at Ralston, so Greg f**k off along to Barshaw and race the weans roon the boating pond" Is he, like Heaton being frozen out?
  11. We lacked a professionalism on Sunday. The fact they are a league below and have signed quite a lot of lower league younger players led me to believe that whilst it would be tight that we would win. The performance and application stunk and this would not be tolerated at any premier league club. I am sure Jim will be the same and that we now go all out to ensure we qualify as a best runner up. This surely to goodness is something we are capable of when u look at the opponents we have. That said we said the same last year and we couldn’t beat Spartans or Queen’s Park
  12. Yet another player on salary not involved with the squad is that 3 players ? That's a lot of money being blown away by the wind.
  13. No idea why he is on his own but there is no way any player who hasn't played a competive game in many months is fit to play. He may be over his injury/illness but bring match fit is a different story. It must be recuperation as if the club did not want him there then he would have been released at the end of the season.
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  15. As Jocky says Ralston is plastic is it not? He's training on grass. Perhaps he was just ignoring prying questions. If he had given a reason it would have been all over this forum and the conspiracy theorists on here would have run riot. It's best to keep quiet and smile.
  16. There's grass at Ralston ask G- Mac thats what he trains on.
  17. The new strip is poor. I have seen it up close in real life and it’s still v poor. It’s a stupid idea to have a two stripes and a sponsor making it look ridiculous. The away top is shocking and clearly targeted at kids which is fair enough. I’d just like a regular black and white kit like the 2013 one maybe with a collar and made by a decent manufacturer. No harm to Joma but the gear is second rate compared to Adidas, Nike and Macron. It’s also available at half the price from most online kit stockists. Anyhow I haven’t bought a kit since the 2013 but would if we got a cracker . Please next year off the peg Adidas with our badge and sponsor.
  18. Is it maybe a grass v plastic matter?
  19. Apologies Oan, the Ian was me. All fingers and thumbs, trying to post after too many beers....
  20. Lol.... dont you mean closer to Rae's team too? ha, ha, ha,
  21. Our present top must be one of the worst ever. Whoever picked that for St Mirren should be ashamed. That is not us. To remedy it, bring out a special Third Top to wear in as many games as possible. That new Top could be a modern replica of the 1959 Cup Winning jersey and could celebrate the 60th Anniversary of that great victory. Get it sortit now Gordon and Tony. You know I talk sense.
  22. Strange indeed. I'd have thought he could be the kind of tough tackling leader JG would have wanted to see on the pitch.
  23. Our strip is truly fecking horrendous. Needs sortit.
  24. Pumped 5 nil. Maybe they'll play Popescu in the next game after that score.
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