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  3. But surely SMISA should have some sort of opinion on this?
  4. Unless you meant HSS, and that's understandable [emoji23]
  5. Why not also the family stand? it appears that is isn’t just Bazil and the board that thinks we are second class citizens.
  6. I'll hold my hand up. Guilty. In that one game, I felt there was a player but he lacked effort. Maybe it was a confidence thing... but in every game since, he has shown more and more, and why Oran kept faith in him. Always happy when a player gives me a GIRUY response like that!
  7. Never knew there was so many bears up there [emoji6]
  8. What he does is avoid costly losing of the ball and as a bonus on that we get to maintain pressure a modern footballer in every sense of the word
  9. Two letters less and that would have been your best ever post on here.
  10. Only been a few games since his contribution was described as "unacceptable". He reminds me quite a bit of Kenny McLean - retains possession well, and very tidy in linking our forward play.
  11. Totally agree. One thing I would like him to do a bit more is to take on his man when he gets the ball on the wing. I'm sure he has the skill to do so. Maybe a confidence thing. From his you tube clips he obviously has a great strike on him. More of that would be great.
  12. Nah. I thought that at first, but Lyons played the ball first and was then brought down by contact from Halkett's knee/thigh, before his leading leg even enters the picture. Halkett's meek acceptance of the decision speaks volumes.
  13. Pitches like Hamilton and Livingston have are cheap sub-standard shite and are fitted with money making in mind as opposed to promoting decent football. They can also be "manipulated" to suit the home teams, as we saw yesterday. There's a reason why most of the top teams in Europe and all the EPL tams have hybrid pitches (95% grass: 5%.synthetic). This type of pitch is the way forward. Sadly they cost much more than the "greengrocer" surface. A well maintained grass pitch is streets ahead of the aforementioned Hamilton and Livingston pitches, which have no place in top flight football. Sadly the SFA are f**king incompetent and allow these sub-standard surfaces in the top league. That's not to say that some grass surfaces in the past have been awful, but as Motherwell have shown, that can be overcome.
  14. Agreed, however, he’s right. These pitches make economic sense for the clubs that have them and I don’t see them disappearing anytime soon unfortunately.
  15. Every major chance we created in the highlights package - apart from the third goal - heavily involved Dreyer yesterday. His passing in the final third opened Livi up on several occasions. Think we are seeing him adapting to this league and hopefully if we stay up, Brighton will give him a full season with us next year to continue developing. There's an absolute gem of a player in there and he's got the ability to pick a hole in most defences.
  16. Superb day out at the football yesterday. Well done all us Buddies.
  17. Lyons was brought down for the sending off, had 1 shot and 1 header just off target.
  18. His reading of the game was second to none and gave him a yard of a start. I still think he had the ability to go to the top in the game.
  19. The pitch wasn't great to be honest. It was definitely very dry, which may have been on purpose, which made it very sticky, held the ball up, and made the bounce much softer than you'd expect. In saying that, I'm not sure it ended up being a huge disadvantage to us to be honest. At the start Livi played it better as we weren't used to it, but later on we were killing them dropping balls in behind them down each flank which were holding up each time. I also reckon the pitch was a big factor in them going down to ten men. On a normal grass pitch or a well watered artificial that ball rolls through to the keeper.
  20. Watched the highlights. Sending off was harsh imo. But we’ll take it [emoji106]
  21. Norrie was a very good player. Bit like Hugh Murray he was a yard of pace short of being top notch, but a very good player.
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