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  2. I posted highlights on the match thread which were uploaded by one of their fans.
  3. I'll let you into a little secret - every one of my posts about Kearney and Goodwin has supported giving them time to sort out the mess they both inherited - Goodwin's mess being created by the board rather than the previous manager.
  4. Deary me I’ll let you in a little secret. The “worse than Stubbs” remark is a sarcastic dig at actual imbeciles like you in the lynch mob. How long till you’re calling for the manager to go this season, eh, 5 games maybe?
  5. Unfortunately...........................there's no "deary, deary, deary me" emoji to hit.
  6. It's not up to Oan. It's up to Jim, Gus and/or Tony.
  7. Goodwin has more managerial experience than Jack Ross had before becoming St Mirren manager (although Ross had been an assistant at Alloa and run Heartsacademy set up for short periods as well). Other than that I think you are over-reacting. I don't think a lot of the Championship winning team can carry a struggling team but most of them are fine in a bottom 6 premiership side so long as there is (as Goodwin wants) 4-5 better quality and experienced players who can carry the team and help the others raise their game again. I'd be tempted to give Flynn the captaincy based on the 2nd half of last season.
  8. Faraway might actually watch as many St Mirren games via buddievision as fans going to matches in person.
  9. It was on here, somewhere... or was that Twitter....?
  10. The new manager and assistant were in Spain too, leading the training sessions.
  11. Albion Rovers 0-5 Saints, giving some unfortunate people false hope we’ll be fine going into the new season before we capitulate on opening league day.
  12. Aye you might find imbeciles posting "already worse than Stubbs" on matchday threads.
  13. Still no clips available of Oan’s penalty against the mighty Edinburgh City? Canny find anything.
  14. Can’t believe we’re so close to the start of our league campaign and no credible names being banded about (apart from Stevie May and the Dutch chap) as potential targets. Usually at this time of year the forum would be rife with speculation/rumours. If we hadn’t brought May onboard by now I believe it’s dead in the water. Maybe after going public regarding the Dutch fella, the club are keeping tight lipped.
  15. He probably had the shits or something. Presuming this is true, then well done Goody. He held it in for the whole first half, must have gone toilet again at half time, then after the second 45 mins he had to keep clenching his buttocks to stop the explosion because of the penalty shootout. It happens. Jose Quitongo anyone?
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  17. At least he’s a left back. Just sign him now for the sake of young Ethan.
  18. It’s more Paisley than Elderslie! and it was probably open-mic day down in the garage. all kinds of vehicles used to turn up for those jam sessions
  19. On Saturday yes Goodwin cut across the park just at KO however he was speaking to what looked like club staff (can't be sure who's) at the other side of the park for 30 seconds or so first so he was out in time. I genuinely don't think he realised the dug outs were not at the side the teams appeared from. Nothing in the slightest disrespectful, embarrassing or even noteworthy about it in my eyes.
  20. Nah. no Betfred Cup rules here. Play to the death and winner takes all.
  21. In the event of a draw would it go to a shootout?
  22. There is no such thing as a dundee utd fan who can play chess. Nice try though.
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