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  2. Opening fixture looks a tough one Never an easy place to go and pick up points (do any exist?). Watched Hibs against Stirling Albion. Created a number of chances but the game finished 1-1 in regulation time. Will be have new players in by then?
  3. Not for me. Nurture him here in his natural position.
  4. Are you familiar with the many uses of the word "interesting"? If so then reread what I wrote.
  5. Wait.....does Baz think.....does he think the reason we don't have enough players to even fill the subs bench is because we are carrying out an exhaustive due diligence process? 🤣 Well praise the lord for Gordon Scott's good corporate governance!
  6. What a wee sweetie wife you are. You know this is made up bollocks but want to get the rumour going anyway.
  7. Let me just stop you there, you see.....
  8. Yesterday
  9. T Y Antrin for confirmation. What a map you have found. Do you think the water from the St Mirren's Burn was used in the Baths He He. I am pretty certain there used to be a red telephone box at the same corner.
  10. Erahon needs to go on loan as he’s simply not ready in any position.
  11. Gus is in what should be a cushy number. A position where no focus should be on you and if you do job quietly in background, you're set for life and yet here it appears from the outside looking in that neither he, nor TF are doing an effective job in the most important part of their role, recruitment. A tad harsh methinks, let's be honest Gus may well have had three or four 'targets' lined up............. ....not to say Goody thought they were an improvement............... remember Gus usually went for players who could 'do a job' Goody is looking for slightly better. This could mean not ALL 'targets' were suitable and given we are running behind (as per usual) it's easy to suddenly be .............desperate to sign anyone. which is just what JG (in my opinion) won't do, which means ........ we are where we are, not ideal NO but my feeling is tighten up your pampers and gie the man a break. COYS,
  12. We differ. I think he is exposed at left bavk. I really rate Erhahon, but feel it is very unfair to play him out of position and in such a poorly set up team, it will destroy the lads confidence. Just listened to JG interview after game and as I thought / hoped, he is after a bit better quality than our usual fare (not saying he will be entirely successful) but hey isn't it good to see we are not just following the same doctrine of bringing in who we can afford who will 'do a job'. Honestly and I don't mean I am buying in to TF''s top 4 scenario (although I love him for it, we need dreamers) but we really do need to push just a little bit further and I think JG might just be the man for the job, I mean there is absolutley no doubt that the Premier league in Engerland is TOP quality but you know I just love grafters like JG and Big M who will run through a brick wall for the team, yes quality is good but heart and guts and drive and desire for me is what REAL football is all about. I say give JG a chance, give the team OUR support , I know the results have been rubbish, but HEY we are used to that I men who else but the Buddies (and Scotland of course) can drag defeat from the jaws of Victory. COYS. yesssssssssssssssssss
  13. Erwin was also targeted by the fakes Dundee Dundee Utd Hamilton and Livingston. He signed for the club who payed him the biggest wage. Uncle Roy’s big wallet far exceeds more than just what we can afford.
  14. [quote post="1657667" timestamp="1563917947" name="bazil85" Would people be crying over Gus is we had won all four games? We didn’t win four games though, hence the scrutiny of the signing strategy and the complete lack of balance in the squad. With less than two weeks to go until the league starts our squad is a shambles and our play reflects that. Even if we bring players in over the next week it will take time for them to settle and integrate into the squad and that’ll be the next excuse you’ll trot out for Gus. We should be in better shape than we are right now. That’s indisputable. Nobody expects this squad to be finished but I don’t believe anyone thought it would be such a mess and the guy who is charged with bringing players in needs to carry the can for that.
  15. I'd hang my hat on it. He won't walk 4 weeks into a 3 year contract in his first full time role. He's likely frustrated, I can imagine but this is still very, very early days.
  16. Gus is in what should be a cushy number. A position where no focus should be on you and if you do job quietly in background, you're set for life and yet here it appears from the outside looking in that neither he, nor TF are doing an effective job in the most important part of their role, recruitment.
  17. He said in his post match interview he could easily have 5 or 6 players in already but doesn’t want that he’s going for players that will be improvements on the squad and will no doubt be on the very edge of our budget for a player. It’s frustrating and far from ideal but guess we just need to be patient. Don’t know who calls them self st Mirren fans and enjoys starting rumours that he’s going to walk because he’s not getting backed I’m pretty sure jim will have the same backing as every other manager and shouldn’t get a penny more than the club can afford. If the Ross county chairman wants to splash some of his own cash out bidding us for a player then that’s just hard luck for us.
  18. Nearer to Glasgow Rd than the previous pic, must be the corner of Mill St and Miller St.
  19. https://www.stmirren.com/match-reaction/2974-reaction-jim-goodwin-post-albion-rovers
  20. Thought we looked tired and slow. Body language from bench was poor, everyone just slumped in seats seeming not interested. If Albion Rovers are targeting our weak left back position, god help us up against Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen etc. Horror start for Goodwin, needs to turn it round fast.
  21. 4 Moncrieff St 1947. Now, I know a wee bit of Moncrieff St still exists (it's the wee stub of a road off Love St which allows access to the car park sitting between Love St and Back Sneddon St) but I just can't place this. The spire in the background might be the Oakshaw Trinity?
  22. Two say loan. I say nurture at Saints.
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