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  2. That would do it. Is he available?
  3. I was there surrounded by our fans behind the goal and honestly no one uttered a peep about it at the time !!!
  4. My guess is that they will be right up for this one. We have played slow but careful football so far and defended well with the exception of the first half against the Pars. Time to step up the pace.
  5. Actually 1,000 Euros a week is roughly £47,000 per annum so it would have been in our budget, (if your average salary figures are correct).
  6. This could easily of been about a fee for the loan or a fee for transfer, yet again you assume the absolute worst. Our average wage last season was around about £50k so unless we have massively dropped that, I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t cover £52k a year.
  7. If the players go in with their normal attitude they'll lose. Personally I'd give Breadner a start cos let's be honest he can't do no worse than the ones who have played in last three games. But doesn't look like Goody has much faith in youth. Wonder what midfielders will be playing full back this time? Also think Goody was a bit naive saying we don't want loan players. Right now they would very welcome.
  8. A gig at any third tier club in England is far more preferable and financially advantageous to anything we could offer I'm afraid!
  9. Steady, steady. I like the old stadium. Someone recommended the pies.
  10. Eh no! The club even said they couldn't agree terms with his agent. I.e. MONEY..... we are offering peanuts!
  11. Errrr! Maybe thats also the reason we arent in for him?
  12. A little harsh, I feel, but the sounds of silence from Greenhill Road as we get so close to the KO of the real competition leaves me more than a little concerned. As other posters have said it takes a minimum of three to four weeks to get any new players up to speed and assimilated into the team and then get the team playing with the confidence we want to see. As it has been articulated, whether we bin a manager and have a down period of weeks before a new one is in place, the appointment of a DoF was primarily to ensure that any hiccup in that process would be covered by a person over-seeing the day-today running of the team. I am surprised however that even with the departure of OK that the so-called list of targets that should have been in place, and in theory may not have changed very much, hasn't materialised. It doesn't need a change from OK to JG to see that we lack quality in a number of positions throughout the team and that any list should be prioritising options for these positions as a starting point, and then for JG to run the ruler over them and decide which option he likes most. As I've said in another post I fear that players and their agents don't see us as a good place to ply their trade and that we will again finish up with a lot of loan deals and players that can't get a club after the window has closed.
  13. Really surprised at that, they are in serious financial trouble. You'd think we'd be a better bet than that (if we were even in for him in the first place).
  14. Nope but would you assume someone brought in for recruitment didn't have a hand in a lot (or all) of the recruitment? OK at the Q&A confirmed the first part of any recruitment would go through Gus. This is typical St Moan fan behaviour. Assume the most negative with zero evidence.
  15. Live ITK update..... two identified targets seen at Ralston...... click photo.
  16. I'm not entirely sure you would have said this had we won our three games at a canter!
  17. “Grass”??? You gotta love cowardly cockless’ gangsta chat!
  18. Do you have a list of players that Gus was solely responsible for signing in this successful window that you mentioned?
  19. In this article https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-fc/falkirk-apologise-for-fan-racism-accusation-1-4969352 the Falkirk board make a full and unreserved apology for how they reacted, blamed and tarnished the good name of their own support by jumping to conclusions that they were racists! it has taken a court hearing to clear the only person charged with the racism that didnt happen to get the apology, but nonetheless, eventually the club did the right thing to clear the air and allow everyone to move on. It's never going to happen with our board though! Can anyone see the chairman issuing a full and unreserved apology for his quite shocking, ludicrous and completely false statement tarnishing the club's support? The only way i could see that happening is if he was the one in court!
  20. Being a part timer again tonight. Cant get the motivation to try and rush home from work and drive out to Coatbrig, so another night on black and white midweek football special. Surely if Dunfermline can take 6 off of this team , we can at very least expect a comfortable win. What could possibly go wrong? 4-0 Saints.
  21. Yes I saw that last night, they will have been offering probably at least 6 times what we could muster per week, or maybe I should re-phrase that per game, as he is slightly injury prone and he will be lucky to get a straightforward deal at this stage in his career.
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