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  3. OK, Don't bite and don't dumb down the argument. What do you think of Goody's performance so far? My hypothesis is, its been benign. (To quote you. As in unharmful to the opposition-figuratively speaking of course.) I personally don't think its been good enough. He doesn't have much to work with admittedly but he hasn't really been up against much either. Discuss!
  4. Yeah I wonder why? Hmmmm. You are at it my friend and I'm not biting. We already have enough genuine idiots in IOBS and DougJamie. We don't need you joining them.
  5. Don't flatter yourself. Its not about you and why do you keep mentioning your intelligence? All your doing is dumbing down a question about the manager's professionalism. What's you're doctorate in, Trolling???????
  6. This has nothing to do with my doctorate or my intelligence and everything to do with you being caught out sexing up a fairly benign incident. Don't make this about me. This is all on you and your inability to just f**king admit you ballsed up.
  7. Yup! The judgement didn’t fall on the Ibrox side of the line. In fact, it fell miles on the far side. So that will develop interestingly. I personally will not be offering my services as a face-painter in the vicinity of Cessnock. THAT judgement, allied to a few other serious money-leaking litigation concerns/problems plus there being no more soft loans being available and also the blessed Mr Parks having his own financial concerns, may well precipitate the inevitable doom. Again. I wonder if the owners (RIFC) of the club (TRFC) will need to seek even more funding from the long-suffering bears (1872 club) paying into that dark hole, with seemingly diminishing returns? Dave King’ll be ok, though... It’s sad. For TRFC fans.
  8. Goody must have been given assurances. I going with my gut here and saying we are doing all we can to get quality players. Sorry to some on here for being positive and remembering again how far my beloved Saints have come since Jan 2017..... bumpy but going in the right direction
  9. Were you there? At least three other posters confirm Goody was a late arrival and no where to be seen in the dug Out. He was late for work. What did you see? Glad you got the valid point. Even if you are more concerned with shooting the messenger. No falsehoods. Just confirmed facts. Even if you can't see it. It's highfalutin by the way and my language isn't as flowery as yours.
  10. We don’t need a director of football. We need cash to persuade quality players to sign for us. Get rid of Gus and use the money from his wage and plane tickets/accommodation in Spain etc to bring in players like Popescu and the Dutch striker who both seemed to be bemused with what we could offer them.
  11. Sorry it was not intended as a personal slur, however not nice or not, some might call it a bit strong; but I don't, like it or not you lied, end off. You clearly were playing for effect, high faluting, how dare he not be there, who dos he think he is? I do get your point but you cocked it up with a blatent lie, untruth, falsehood, porky etc etc 😎 Other than that you have a valid point.
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    This is great mate
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