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  2. Agree with all of this. Need their height and physicality. Cooke really does deserve a chance. Bringing on Mullen and or Jackson later when Livi defenders are tiring.
  3. Going through the points of your imbecilic rant 1. All completely irrelevant to my point.... and your original point! 2. Upping it to NINE games doesn’t help your point.... particularly as we qualified from our League Cup section in those 5 other games! 3. I’m not in the sin bin, nor do I make negative posts about the team, the manager of the club. I leave that to negative clowns like yourself! 4. You are one of life’s losers, a brainless clown who knows nothing about football! “ for the entertainment of others” ? Your unintentional comedy posts certainly provide that! [emoji23] Now get back to driving your taxi!
  4. Another update : the dome is partially up and with the fixes should ( hopefully ) be up and running sooner than we and they thought . That said, the bookings are made and invites out for next weeks games at ON-X and I’m leaving them as it is. As I’ve said before, this game is YOUR game , not mine and we all need to decide what to do next . My two pence worth ? I would much rather the money goes to Saints but the current situation is a pain and is going to get worse as the structure ages. My vote goes to getting back to the Dome W/C 29th . I would like the second game to be on the Thursday for purely selfish reasons but our slots at The Dome are Mon & Wed and if that’s what we go for then so be it. No worries. So , PLEASE take a minute to reply to this. Do we get back to the dome Mon & Wednesday restarting W/c 29th or do we switch to Mon & Thursday @ ON-X and get a block booking ?
  5. Who is Uncle Colm actually replying to ? He seems to think that there are six people and they are all Taxi Drivers. Or does he really believe that there is just one person with multiple aliases. Anyway, he likes the attention with his red words and mental emoticons. Still boring though.
  6. Tough game. Think McKenzie needs to come into the team. And maybe Cody Cooke for Mullin or Jackson. Simply to match their long high ball game. And I think Cooke deserves his chance. But I think we can get the 3 points. Coys.
  7. Aye, but theres levels of diddy-ness
  8. I'm a wee bit concerned that our two rivals could pick up points against their form as they are playing local derbies.
  9. Today
  10. With China already having 1600 coal fired power stations and planning 700 more, anything we do in the UK is a spit in the ocean.
  11. Geez... What has happened to your ability to talk shite in English? You now sound like the Gendarme in Allo Allo! [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  12. 1. Sometimes less is more. 2. In your opinion only plenty disagree, these are not my words, but I wholeheartedly concur! .....................and so the circle continues.
  13. I'm with you Oaky - it is getting so bad I am thinking of contacting the club and offering to pay the difference to ensure our fans don't get moved for every one of these games for the next decade. Would that end this war?
  14. Dissident Republicans (New IRA) are taking the blame for the shooting. The scum say it was an accident.
  15. I see nothing I have avoided, nothing I have denied. Prove I'm lying? Go on just this once
  16. I'm bored! Let me play with the wean! I'm off all day! [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji12]
  17. I asked you a question, you do what you do best. Deflect... sorry second best, we know first is fib
  18. What lies were uncovered? Still commenting, still proving your comments yesterday were lies. Are you ignoring that?
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