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  2. At the checkout the website confirmed that it had been added to the smartcard. Hmm. I’m not sure I got such a message. I reckon I will need to get to the ticket office.
  3. Nope I'm saying you made an arse of yourself when you insisted he brought on a forward instead of a midfielder.
  4. At the checkout the website confirmed that it had been added to the smartcard.
  5. I ordered my seat ok. However I’m not sure whether it has been added to my smart card or whether I need to go down to the ticket office and get a paper ticket. When I ordered the United Cup game I received an email confirmation to say the game was added to my smart card. With this play off I’ve received no email confirmation.
  6. You initially said "a few" to play it down. SPIN You then changed your story and blamed others for quoting you out of context. MISDIRECTION Since then, everyone else has been at fault for taking you at your word. LIES
  7. The TV gantry is W4. I ordered my own season ticket online with no issues. A bonus is Shull has bought a ticket for W4 so I won't have to hear his inane drivel all day.
  8. My good lady waiting a long time to get my ticket . Tickets on sale tomorrow for Thursday.
  9. Aye i've sat there since we moved in haha Why were you got? I think there are going to be folk who will just sit feckin anywhere. Be a riot.
  10. Is it - I was sure we were W5, that means I have f**K'd up twice with the ticket purchase . God know where I am sitting then !!!
  11. Below the TV gantry is W5 so you aint below it if in W4
  12. This is what I heard also, from a friend who was also talking to GS.
  13. Just need to wait and see if it is the case. On the official it says the club are receiving our allocation at 5pm today. It doesn't mention how many we'll receive.
  14. It seems like their auto generated email system in general is down if it is not sending emails for purchases as well as password resets
  15. I waited just under 2 hours in a queue this morning to get tickets. One girl on the phone the other at the window. A total SHAMBLES!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Was going to nip in and get my ticket. Queue almost at train station steps, just kept driving [emoji3]
  17. If that’s all we are getting, give them half the away stand at The Simple Digital, we will easily fill our stadium for the 2nd leg.
  18. I heard we're only getting 1200 and it's all ticket.
  19. Today
  20. Great shout thanks Sonny, I will print that out as proof of purchase!!
  21. Since the default for smart card users is that games are added to the card and at no time during my transaction did it mention collection then I am taking it that it is on my smart card. But just in case I have taken a screen shot of my transaction to prove I have paid for my seat (My Account / Purchase History)
  22. And if my auntie had balls.......... [emoji23]
  23. I see you've learned nothing in your time away as per.
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