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  2. Do we do 2 wins on a row, I reckon we will this time, 2-0 for the Paisley St Mirren. I’m in the corporate for this game so hoping for a great result to make the day all the better.
  3. If we play with the same attacking style as the Hamilton game, we'll have a good chance of the 3 points.
  4. I take your point Chalky. Frustrating yes.. Last minute loss at Ross County. Outplaying Hibs at home but losing, to mention just two but amazing that so many clubs are so close to each other.
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  6. I haven’t been away... unlike you remember?
  7. St Mirren fans. If you don’t care about the club why not leave the website like you previously said you would?
  8. You could consider Hamilton & Livi as somewhat bogey teams in the SPFL for us.. Got 1 monkey off our back yesterday, hopefully another on Saturday
  9. Don't think it has been amazing season. Frustrating is the word I would use. Certainly shouldn't be any meaningless games in December either
  10. There are posters a lot worse than Ricky.
  11. An amazing season so far looks like becoming even more interesting Chalky. Squeeky bum time but no meaningless games!
  12. My humble apologies to you and thanks to FTOF for clarifying that it was him who thought Kirky would be back weeks ago ! I also am happy to hold up my hands when I am wrong - no shame in admitting I made a mistake !
  13. Hopefully a saints win,and a think broadfoot and Foley and Cooke all looking for starts,so should be interesting team selection next Saturday
  14. Livingston pumped Kilmarnock which was a wee bit of a surprise, however, they will come back down to earth in this game Saints to hammer them Saints 4-1 Livingston
  15. ^^^ Back & still tragically bumping his own threads ffs
  16. Well, a great 3 points against Hamilton (TBH ANY points right now are great) and next up another team many think are worse than us. Another tough game.
  17. I think the Tories will win thee election and Boris, will be PM., and invariably hark on about taking back control from, Brussels, for the the tenure of office. Then in the 2021 Holyrood Electon, the SNP will speak of taking back control from WM. Ad nauseam And whilst all this is happening, Saints will be in a relegation battle....and we'll blame any c**t [emoji41]
  18. I was hugely impressed with that yesterday. After Wednesday I feared we might end up struggling through the festive period with our makeshift defence. In fact, we played them off the park and the defence did its job. Suddenly as well, 2 guys who were looking like squad players (Morais and MacPherson) have staked their claims as first picks. I just hope we can get 3 points against Livi and open up a wee gap to 12th.
  19. Beat Livi next Saturday and potentially between 3 to 6 points could separate the bottom 5 or 6 clubs.
  20. The weather was awful. The pitch was awful but the performance by the team at Hamilton was great. The league is tighter than ever in the bottom 6. Nerve jangling.
  21. Again it’s really strange to me that I need to make this simpler for you. If you still don’t understand after this, you may have to consult someone in person. Any child capable of reading would do. The point BTB & I we’re discussing was if we have a 19 or 22 man senior squad this season. It WAS NOT what is our strongest 11. I believe Cammy is part of a 22 man senior squad, he does not. Still waiting on your answer to who you agree with by the way? You then asked an irrelevant question (side step) yes or no if I thought Cammy would be in our starting 11 if we had a fully fit team. I said no. To try keep you on the topic being discussed, I pointed out that’s not what we’re discussing & a further 10 of the senior squad also won’t feature. NOT THE OTHER 10 that played yesterday 😂 You trying to spin, to me saying not one player from yesterday is in our strongest 11 shows the utter desperation that has become your BAWA account to try show where I have deflected, lied, spun or backtracked. 😂😂 it’s embarrassing.
  22. https://www.sunderlandecho.com/sport/football/sunderland-afc/latest-sunderland-afc-news/inside-sunderlands-latest-woeful-afternoon-baffling-approach-piles-pressure-phil-parkinson-and-stewart-donald-1335491
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