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  3. Says the most pointless poster on the forum
  4. Well stop giving ur stupid opinion when u dont have a clue whats going on.....nobody cares what u think...
  5. I have to disagree. Putting aside my dislike for them for a second, Sevco 2012, even though a new club, still had major funding. They were beaten by a side from Luxembourg. That is, a side who finished 4th in Luxembourg. The financial gap alone makes that result the most “embarrassing” for a Scottish side in Europe. The Sevvies would obviously have been on a lot more money than Killie, while Connah’s and Progres probably weren’t too far apart. Aside from that, Hearts also got knocked out by Maltese giants Birkirkara in recent years. Another “surely that’s a must win” sort of tie. Killie’s result wasn’t even the embarrassment of the night in Europe. Have a look at Hadjuk Split - won 2-0 in Malta. 1-0 up at HT, 3-0 on agg. Then Gzira, their Maltese opponents fired in three second half strikes to win on away goals. By all means it’s a shit result, especially after getting the away win, but for me it’ll take much more than that to be more “embarrassing” than the Sevvies loss to Progres (although I thought that defeat was hilarious because it’s the Sevvies). Bugger that. Supporters of the bigot brothers are a large reason the rest of us can’t compete - they all abandon their local sides to support two clubs based on money and sectarianism. Any European defeat in any circumstance to those two is an absolute pleasure. Apologies for sounding like shull but seriously, feck them. Hope they both get pumped in the next round.
  6. Muzek wasn’t all that great. Appreciate we don’t yet have a left back in, but I’m sure it’s high on the list.
  7. I'd be really disappointed if that was the case. While Oran was still manager he said he wanted to get Muzek signed. Obviously must have been over-ruled then. Muzek's replacement has been doing well though.
  8. Not secure enough it appears JR. Back to the goalkeeper question. I know Hladky is a great keeper from the evidence of my own eyes but stats are unlikely to reflect that. Is he the best we have had since I started watching Saints in 1973? He is up there with Thomson and Money in my book.
  9. Thomas Verheydt signed for Almere City FC. A small club with a 3000 capacity stadium who finished 7th in the Dutch second tier last season. They made it into the first round of the promotion play-offs where they lost out to SC Cambuur.
  10. The off pitch baggage would concern me too.
  11. Unfortunately I think you are correct.
  12. If the game is only half as good as the match today at Forth Bank between England and Spain then it would be well worth taking it in at the cost of only £1,
  13. Sorry just seen it. Seems both Well and Hibs have done most of their business early - Well newbies showing up better than Hibs so far. Still not seen too much from Accies, County, Livi, and even the Fakes, so maybe we are not so far behind those around us.
  14. Have you just been released from somewhere secure? just asking like.
  15. No. No chance with car mechanics. Not a bad ear for languages. Keen reader.
  16. Ru Paul. Next question.
  17. Next Match Monday 22nd July At Greenhill Road Kick Off 18.15 SCOTLAND v HOLLAND
  18. You don't have a clue what he got so shut the f**k up.... Such a nice man ...................... NOT!
  19. Tonight at Firhill Stadium SCOTLAND 0 NORWAY 4
  20. Only hand baggage if he signed until January. [emoji87]
  21. Still hoping the club pull a deal for Popescu out the bag. Just a shame we didn't sign him up straight away as I believe this would have signalled the clubs intention to build on the rin at the end of last season and move up the table.
  22. FTOF

    Thomas Verheydt

    Or because he never wanted to leave the Netherlands in the first place. There's certainly that possibility given the statement which referred to his family being settled in the Netherlands. Although some clowns will probably think that the club made this up.
  23. I'd be really disappointed if that was the case.
  24. Or because he never wanted to leave the Netherlands in the first place.
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