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  2. Best Sunday entertainment since........................well, ever.
  3. Usual resort to childishness by the loon from Arbroath.
  4. So he wasn't in position when the match was ready to start. The ref had to wait. So did we and he was 15 yards from the dug out when the match started. What did I say that was false. He wasn't in the dug out when the game started.
  5. Flip flop not from me November will make an intresting read. Until the put your hand bag away and get your heated rollers on.
  6. East Kilbride had one of their highest ever attendances yesterday.
  7. IQ and EQ challengesd F Man. You do dredge the bottom of the barrel in your online antics and comments. I'm starting to become grateful that you don't attend games. The atmosphere is better without you.
  8. It would be just exactly the way it was before. Do you mean exclude non league teams like EK?
  9. I agree. PS You're going to be busy while you're on your mighty steed challenging crass statements.
  10. Certainly "unlikely" that we will progress. We do need to win and win by a number of goals to have any chance of progression, Sharper build up, more precise finishing needed. 22 shots on Saturday, 9 on target but no goals.
  11. The same way it was before. There was nothing wrong with the traditional format.
  12. You think a crass statement like that should go unchallenged? Had you not butted in with a pointless and needless post, it would have been two less for people to wade through!
  13. The tournament has been ruined by the current format . Whether we like it or not the fact is this stage of the tournament is taking place pre season and it will always be treated with an element of pre season atmosphere to it. The sooner the spfl ditch this shite format the better. The attendances speak for themselves. Surely that's a huge and clear indication that the fans aren't interested and this new format has fallen flat on its face. The fact that a team can win a national tournament by playing 4 games of football is a total joke as well.
  14. Getting slightly interesting, Lowry, 4 ahead of Fleetwood with 6 to play. Fleetwood ballooned his shot to the 13th over the green, Lowry pops his into a bunker.
  15. My above post - wrt the Scott family - was wrong. They lived above that Corrigan's shop. The wee 'kirk', slightly set back on the rhs beyond the windae-shopping man, were supplementary halls for the Orr Square kirk (just showing at the top of the hill). The halls hosted 23rd BB and Lifeboys. Think there were also Girl Guides, too. And they did Sunday schools in there, too. Big hall doonstairs and wee yin upstairs.
  16. Ayrshire...you are not a stupid person. You know exactly what the poster is getting at. Example is a powerful tool. People don't generally follow what someone says, they follow the example they give. No need to take the route of the lowest common denominator and try to shoot the messenger. He makes a very valid point which is particularly relevant at the start of his reign. Start as you mean to go on.
  17. I can vouch for that!😎 I was just up the road at Playa Flamenca
  18. Not a lot in the current climate. Well worth writing off in favour of a higher profile I would say.
  19. Imagine the compensation for a contract that length!
  20. Need a microscope to find the numpty's brain or tadger.
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