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  2. Need these three points, will find it difficult to pick them up this month
  3. I hope we're not sitting back another goal would kill them off i think.
  4. We need to hold on to this lead to be 9th and above them in the table . . . 3 huge points and the pressure falls on them. Now give us a 2nd and 3rd . . . to help the goal difference and confidence !
  5. BBC stats say we have had 10 shots to their 2 . . . More importantly we have scored !!!!
  6. We need to hold onto this lead and cancel out Wednesday night!
  7. It was myself and I'll be absolutely delighted if I am proven wrong! At least if I'm wrong, I'll put my hands up and admit it.
  8. MacPherson goaaaaallllllll Who was it who said he is not a footballer !!!!!
  9. Three times against the woodwork an finally we get one.
  10. The match stats suggest it’s more classic coo’s arse and banjo from us.
  11. What chances theyre all from outside the box i presume the ones you are talking about. Hamilton would have had a sitter if millars final ball was better
  12. What is it i like rough seeing as i have never met u? R u gay and scared to come out or just homophobic? Find ur sexual patter very creepy on a forum that youngsters could read...
  13. We need to take some of these many chances we are making today . . . ⚽
  14. Need to hit the target - no prizes for shots past the post !!! Durmus getting his sights adjusted !!!
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