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  2. Hear hear get it every day on building site, as a manger it drives me insane the amount of guys I have put off site for sitting on belts on dumpers cos it’s easier to jump on and off when getting loaded, if they leave keys I take them out and throw in the nearest foundation.
  3. I meant to say £200k for Mallan (supposedly) - but I think TF said the McAllister deal was worth up to £400k with add ons (I'm sure the upfront fee was nowhere near that) - fairly sure Morgan's deal was quoted at £300k though.
  4. I am uplifted by your positivity. I feel sure that the players you mention will feel motivated.
  5. If folk were honest would just say Cooke and Mullen nowhere near good enough..along with S McGinn who is finished and Erahon who folk keep saying promising youngster. Has show feck all to make me think that and plays like a terrified teenager...
  6. You don't have a clue what he got so shut the f**k up....
  7. Tut tut wee man. All opinions are valid surely.
  8. If the thread has a point, indeed. Now, run along, you must be exhausted defending PRicky.
  9. HSS


    Surely all threads are started for attention?
  10. How do you know we didn’t have the upfront discussion with Longridge and Miller? We probably did, then decided they either weren’t right or offered a deal that wasn’t of interest to them. So the Dutch lad came over for a day on an EasyJet flight. Again, big deal. It’s all part and parcel of trying to sign players. It’s hardly as if we flew him over on a private jet.
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  12. You are too dim witted to see the point F Man and that's being kind
  13. That is the point. An amazing keeper who has saved so many shots. I wonder if there is any way of measuring because, as you rightly say he and others may have been left more or less exposed. Didn't stop records being kept of shut outs etc.
  14. Like the vast majority of his posts TBH. Starting a thread for attention, his speciality. PS This nonsense is in the rumour mill, not the brightest. 🤡
  15. Pretty pointless question as a generality, if you were to say what is his save rate as a % of shots on target in comparison with previous keepers it may have some validity but in general terms depends who was in front of him as has been suggested.
  16. Wish it was Alan Stubbs instead of the pillock who posts copious amounts of utter crap just to get attention.
  17. doonhamer

    David Riley Q&A

    Can I suggest two adults behaving like kids in a sandpit is the sort of thing that could/should be moderated? You two clearly have a beef with each other but ripping into each other on a public forum is a tad tiresome. If you need to argue over “few/some” etc., can’t you do it via PM.
  18. So we take 3 players to our training camp "on trial" and there is no point in doing the up front discussions on wages and add-ons, length of contract etc, and whether they will accept what we are thinking of offering? 1 out of 3 signed and we paid for travel accommodation for 2 of them for squat. Same with the Dutch lad - come on over at our expense. Does not sound to me like we have any control - it is just miraculous that Andreu thought our deal was ok then? Do you believe our BOD are doing things perfectly well?
  19. bazil85

    David Riley Q&A

    You’ve been pretty quiet, I wouldn’t accuse you of that. You just need to look at the patterns with my comments to know BEK is stalking me on here.
  20. I hope you are right on the 1st one - BUT I doubt either will come to pass . . If he knocks in 12 or more I will be delighted . . .
  21. bazil85

    David Riley Q&A

    So nothing then? Thought so.
  22. The main reason drinking is worse in northern Europe to southern Europe is it is dark and often freezing.
  23. Had to leave. If you get a chance then get along to one of these games. They play without fear. Great advert for football.
  24. The home crowd have a new hero, Lowry, currently ripping it up at -9. I could make up I'm there, even though I'm watching it on TV.
  25. Isn't there already a British Open thread? Just saying.
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