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  2. By the time we play Dundee in the final game they should have nothing to play for. Three points guaranteed..
  3. So, what did we learn today? We’re not the soft touches we were earlier this season. Gary McKenzie can play on an artificial pitch.[emoji6] Good things happen when you actually shoot. Magennis will be a BIG player over the next 4 weeks. Fans were f**king magnificent. There is a real belief about this team. We are staying up!
  4. Good to see Danny Mullen silence his critics too.
  5. Great performances all all over the park today today and good change of formation and personnel in the second half. Special mention to Jackson when he came on and really gave them problems with his running. And Magennis is on 10 secs and blasts a shot at goal something Lyons didn't do in the previous 75 mins. But why, oh why Oran are you still playing Ethan? Musek is a far superior player on the left. Ethan cost us their goal due to his usual not picking up his man. Paul McGinn deservedly MoM. Only 4 more to go now and we are on a roll.
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  7. Looked to me (from the ALBA coverage) as if Halkett got a touch on the ball before he tackled Lyons.* *Scratch that. The angle from behind shows he doesn't get a touch. Correct decision from Collum . Still glorious..
  8. Dreyer having another quietly effective game - assist for 1st goal, great pass to set Jackson up on 49 minutes, nice corner headered over by Lyons from 8 yards out.
  9. If I was Gordon Scott I’d already be looking out my spare change and slamming a bid on Bucharest’s table for big Vlad the Impaler! What a glorious footballer he is.
  10. Watching on Shortbread tv, looks like that shit plastic surface has just injured Sibbald . Ban this crap surface from the Top League pronto !!!!
  11. Signed for Dimdee according to Radio Shortbread.
  12. You gotta laugh, innit? Meaning of Vendetta: a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone. its got a picture of Baz next to the meaning in the Oxford English. Dunmo why?
  13. I think you've forgotten Oran Kearney manages us now, not you-know-who!
  14. Great result for Saint Mirren, onwards we march in . .
  15. 12 points from the last 11 games and even in defeats to Hibs, Motherwell, Kilmarnock and St Johnstone we were unlucky not to take something from them and at least looked competitive. I think we'll get 30 points this season and pick up two thirds of our points in the final third of the season. Oran's patience and upbeat outlook seems to have paid off in the long run. In mid-February we were 12th placed, playing much better but 5 points adrift of both Hamilton and Dundee and now 8 games later we are 6 ahead of Dundee and 2 behind Hamilton.
  16. So bad we will survive without a play-off ? and we did win 3 to 1
  17. OOPS once again . . . . well 1 out of 3 ain't good. A bit too pessimistic - Oran knows what he is doing !!!
  18. For us 10th from 11th is £60 000 for Livi finishing 7th is £120,000 better than 9th . . .hardly nothing But id your point is the price of surviving then you are BANG ON . . .
  19. Well done to Oran Kearney on yet another victory over a Livingston team who had us dead and buried before half time at home in a game where we didn't register a shot on target when we were managed by you know who. Well done to Oran and the team. Not many complaints about Wullie Collum today from our fans who usually deride him!
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