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  2. Hey, it's Sluttybuttfest, I'll have you know.
  3. Mine had three exclamation marks, I must be the winner.
  4. Yeah, something isn’t adding up here. You’d think a game likes Wednesday would be a good opportunity to get 20 mins or so under his belt.
  5. Stop bringing "real facts" into it, they count for nothing on here, it's all just about opinions stated as facts. One day you'll catch on.
  6. Perhaps because we have so many options for his position?..... wait a minute.. nah!
  7. The gift that keeps on giving............
  8. If they were registered in Scotland probably up until the office shuts. Players requiring international clearance i would guess that deadline has passed if you havent yet started the process.
  9. He has said he’s fit, so why is he out the picture?
  10. Then he would be working one on one with a coach or physio, not down Barshaw on his tod!
  11. So we have a grass training area at Ralston all the the staff needed for players yet Tansey is training on a ruby pitch away from the squad where he cant be monitored or assessed. To me that means he is on his way out I'm sure our club has taken medical advice from the club doctor. Just seems a strange way to treat a player who we knew had a injury history. Suppose it should not come as a surprise given what's went on at the club for the past year.
  12. As much as other club's sponsors I'd imagine. As you say a sizeable amount of money. I'd be surprised if any other club expected anything more.
  13. Maybe the link originates from TheBluebellsareblue.com
  14. FIFY Our TEAM is truly fecking horrendous. Needs sortit.
  15. Here is how it works Round One - Token English or unheard of Yank shoots 64 and leads by 2 Round 2- Bigger Fish shoots low- Rory 66, Tiger 66 or something like that- Big Fish misses cut, Blast from Past sneaks in Cut Round 3- Token English player shoots 63 Round 4- Some Top 6 player wins it Hope that has helped
  16. Too late for that I'm afraid.
  17. When is the latest we can sign someone and have them available for tomorrow night?
  18. RIght Oaky, You used an emoji....Are you up for a shot at the BAWA Grandmaster Challenge?
  19. And will still be infested and run by Sevco and Celtic scum with our Roads still potholed.
  20. Today
  21. Looking at what we currently have fit - a little patience for a fit Tansey will be well worth the wait . . .
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