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  2. Obika to score or is that asking too much ?
  3. Especially when your in the Forums bin with an audience of 5 . Sad wee fecker ( s)
  4. Shulls wee wagging tail not far behind But at least you know you are- sevco lover
  5. Yeah you could, but your name and details are held against that ticket, and any bother that its user creates.
  6. Utter nonsense, your response makes absolutely no sense,
  7. Astounding attempt, yet again, to serve exactly what you said. What an embarrassment.
  8. Today
  9. From the highlights, Morias looked better and might well be a better combo with Cooke than Obika Cammy did well and Durmus is finally starting to warm up Could even be the start of a wee good run of form from McAllister. It was running, on and off the ball, that allowed us to undo Livi in the pasta bowl a few months ago. Getting a bit more from these players should set the scene for a repeat on Saturday
  10. Sorry to hear that fella. Please accept my condolences.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/dec/10/break-embargo-expose-press-lies-labour?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR0yE666NgAZahUNwIieByDeMFAZzRGVAwqfCOqP2bSItrue2I2qknH1fdY
  12. You say that like it's a single figure. my point is around deals that allow for cheaper ticket options for families to attend games.
  13. So if a Bud who is visiting family or friend from afar wouldn't get a ticket since they are not likely to be on the data base. I wonder if season ticket holder can buy an ticket for a visiting friend or family member ?
  14. For Bazzzzzzy, you could have stopped after clue.
  15. You, and LPM, don't have a clue what is, or isn't, affordable for any family.
  16. There's affordable options for families to still attend these games, you've been proven wrong on this stance before.
  17. On the contrary it should be in the small print on the tickets for Celtic and Sevco fans - Entry = Neutering, and eventually they can’t breed any more and Scottish football will be decent again in 30 years time.
  18. To be fair, it didn't do Denmark any harm, drafted in at the last minute and won the tournament. In my defence I was still in my mother’s womb when that tournament was taking place.
  19. You can ask these things. Is that not the point of a AGM.
  20. When the children are moved, will there be a No Swearing Policy in the West and Main Stands ?
  21. You just gave me a great idea if we went down this route. I could apply for the free half ST as an existing ST holder and simply keep it until either of the cheeks were in town and sell the spare seat to one of their mob for top dollar - after all there will be thousands of them looking to gain access to our end on the 26th apparently. Easy money.
  22. They have not shut families out. Just the usual misinformation or lies from yourself.
  23. You should try that - it would be good for society.
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