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  2. Because I told you I would always show up your lies! Graeme did NOT go beyond that and campaign for proxy votes. I think it is fair and proper to call you out on that.
  3. Bring back the 2012-13 kit without the sponsor band. Just try to incorporate the sponsor logo better.
  4. Have you actually read what I wrote? Yes I was referring to the email that went out to every voting member and it was by no means a negative point. It’s almost like you have your back-up & need to start an argument about everything with me, even when I’m making an off the cuff comment that isn’t remotely controversial. Why is the word ‘canvassing’ negative to you?
  5. So why even feel the need to comment? You went on about Graeme canvassing... He highlights it was one post. We were talking about the number of posts to canvass when you again sidetracked! Of course there was initial blurb. You make a proposition, you get to explain it. That's not canvassing. It's common practice. Honestly! Your need to comment on every damned post is tedious and tiresome.
  6. An email going to every member of the voting group detailing your thoughts on the positive. I would use the word campaign but like I say in no way as a negative. If you would use a different word, fair enough... maybe campaigning is only reaching out to voting members 2 or more times
  7. I’m happy for you to point out where I have said anything that isn’t true. I assure you any comment about the supernatural element of the bible being completely without evidence is categorically true. There is literally no looking at both sides on this, if there was a side that supported magic it would be worldwide news. As for the rest i will comment on a few but I won’t get into the back and forward because you’re right people won’t enjoy it & the nature of this debate is there will always be a comeback. What I would say about your comments on the historical evidence of places/ people mentioned in the bible, it is completely unrelated to Christianity being a valid religion, you would need to prove the supernatural as above. Also historians haven’t ‘scoffed’ at the existence of places, they simply go on evidence on a voyage of discovery. When evidence is discovered they take it on board. Finally your points on interpretations of biblical word & genealogy of the bible, it wasn’t an issue until science started to say ‘eh this is wrong’ creationists can spin words in the bible in many different ways to try show there are no errors or a different message is being presented. It again presents the issue to Christianity I mentioned in my first post. The bible is a book that eludes to bats being birds, mustard being the smallest seed, people can live inside a whale, stars are small enough to fall from the sky and that Pi is equal to 3. To believe in it in 2019 is staggering to me.
  8. I am not saying you are, i would have hoped the emoji's would have indicated that and I wouldn't describe it as a "campaign" but hey ho, maybe that was my mistake. Perhaps, i should have canvassed more for members proxies. Another lesson learned for next years "campaign" First job for the Up the Braes campaign manager is to sort out the emoji's [emoji16]
  9. Eh? I am not saying this is a negative thing in the slightest. You wanted this proposal to go through so outlined what in your opinion was the benefits did you not? How else would you describe it.
  10. How many posts? I never made comment on how many posts
  11. Today
  12. How confident are you about all this being a scam? Just think about this hypothetically for a second. If you are right that it's a scam, the consequences are that you've maybe lost a bit of money and suffered minimal disruption and annoyance. If you are wrong and these "lunatics" are right, the consequences are that our planet may not support human life in the very near future. and people like you across the world are going to have to look their children and grandchildren squarely in the eye and explain why you gambled their future away on an ego-fuelled gamble to save a few pounds and a bit of inconvenience. How easy will it be to explain to them that you couldn't even be arsed educating yourself just a little before making that decision? How are you going to explain your wilful decision to ridicule the vast army of scientists who actually know about this stuff and instead believe the words of crackpot online conspiracy theory nutters?
  13. Oh come on guys FFS. Are these serious points?
  14. That is a horrific read and with only a small number of years to go we are going to have to deal with it head-on. There will be those who claim it won't happen to Saints but we have seen the damage someone like LPM can do. On the other side we have guys like bazil85. I know neither has said they are interested but they provide a useful example of what we must avoid at all costs. Neither is capable of compromise. One won't say anything supportive of the club and the other won't say anything critical. Both will mislead, change goalposts and spread lies to win their arguments. Both cannot be trusted to work in team environments. Neither of these two types of people can be allowed to get anywhere near a boardroom of any description, let alone our club board. It only requires a couple of people like that, one on either side, and fan ownership at our club will collapse. There will be internal warfare as two people who don't understand the meaning of compromise dig in, attracting their own lieutenants and creating an ideological civil war. Are we all absolutely certain nobody of this type wwill find their way into a powerful position after BTB completes? It's my worst nightmare that we end up attracting that calibre of candidate and that this will all end very badly in all likelihood unless some people with a verifiable track record of business success and working at board level put their names forward. Personally, I think it might be better if the club stayed in Gordon's hands but I'm still open to persuasion on fan ownership. It's a cautionary tale and we'd do well to think very hard about it whilst we have time.
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    Remembering March 17th 2013
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  17. No chance we will get relegated. ( unless Uncle Colm delivers the pre match teamtalk every week ) No Play Off either. We will finish 10th after winning all 5 post split games. Super Saints 3 Perth Yins 0 Crowd 5487
  18. It has to be seen to believed.
  19. You can't complain about people being trolls on a thread where you have called another poster a c**t. 🤣 If you are trying to convince the rest of us that you have a functioning brain, I'm not sure that you are going the right way about it.
  20. I have no idea what blue waffles are/is but from how you put it 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
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