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  2. Took issue with what? .Not being in the dugput in time for kick off you mean? Clearly, at least one did. He also explained why. His explaination makes sense. Disagree if you wish, thats your prerogative. Why though diminish your own argiment by describing his as petty?
  3. The thread indicates that Jim has some things to learn whilst supporting him as manager. Share your wisdom with us please on why you think he shouldnt be there.
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  5. Re photo of Storie Street 1954. From the bottom left corner is the pub that was well supported by the Farmers on market days. After the pub, was that the side entrance to Priorscroft Bowling Club?
  6. "literally no idea about ANY of the points you made" Not true. Not true at all. Re funerals, I obviously don't know the precise number... Does that mean there is no scope for increase?
  7. I'm not sidestepping anything. You literally have no idea about any of the points you made. For example, how many funerals took place in Paisley last year and how many took place at St Mirren? I presume you don't know but seem to want to raise it as an issue.
  8. I didn't mention outcomes... I mentioned a number of areas where I reckon there is room for significant improvement in our outcomes. You are sidestepping the question! Happy to have a go at me for wanting better for and from Saints... but not prepared to answer a simple question... Are you satisfied with our current performance in fundraising and marketing? Do you see no room for improvement? At least I made some positive suggestions rather than just criticise. Again... I did so because I want better FOR and from Saints and believe we are falling way short of our potential.
  9. Here is the thing I'm not going on past dealings. Just wait till November comes around Colin. If I'm wrong throw it on my face . A fan wrote are we going bust on pie and bovril. I wrote no. Colin I wrote no check the history. What I did write that we have spent a lot of money in the last two years paying off managers and staff . Not hard to work out. Next maybe I'm wrong a certain player wages should lift an eye brow but no individual players wage will be in the accounts ( I think ) Mistakes have been made , we all make mistakes right ? Will repeat what I wrote on pie and bovril. We have made big mistakes that has now cought up with us financially. We are not going to fold as a club. We are skint I'm led to believe. Maybe its shit maybe not. Where I got it from arel guys who dont bull shit. They never say who we are signing or what is going on at the club. However I know where they got their info as such I believe them. We are not going bust let's make that clear but player budget is obviously low. Prove me wrong and I will buy you a bottle of your favourite tipple. This is not against Scott we all make mistakes.
  10. It is a helluva car and I agree... Well done on his business acumen. In all honesty, I reckon the depreciation on his car is probably more than lost interest... Especially at today's poor interest rates. Not that's an issue... I only mentioned it in response to your question.
  11. He spoke very well. Wish him and EK all the best this season.... Except against us in any games of course.
  12. In the days when you loved football.
  13. Aw come on DB. He is allowed to share the board's point of view.
  14. St Mirren 2 Aberdeen 2 Dec 1984. From about 43:20 here:
  15. Just when I thought you couldn’t be anymore gullible 😂
  16. Almost, but not quite, hope he didn't play too well.
  17. Not bad DB. Methinks, however, that Baz can answer on his own account
  18. Dumbo is back. He has tenacity. I'd say that in his favour. About the only good thing one could say.
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