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About Us
Black & White Army is owned by P&B Sports Ltd and has been in operation since January 2003. The forum is an integral part of our site and is moderated on a day to day basis by a small team of dedicated volunteers with the aim of giving St.Mirren fans worldwide a platform for good natured discussion on the internet.

We moderate the forum on a common sense basis and would ask that each of our visitors obeys simple general good manners and common sense when posting on the forum. We have a very wide range of user groups represented on the forum so please don't post excessive swearies, pornographic pictures or anything that you wouldnt want your own kids accessing when they are online.
The moderators can and will move topics which are posted in the wrong area, and they will also close topics that they deem to have served their natural life or which have gone well astray from the original topic.

Warning System
The mods will issue warnings for bad behaviour on the forum and each user will see their own warning level when posting on the board. If the warning level reaches 10 then the user will be banned without exception. Reasons for any warnings given will be included in your warning profile so just click on the % next to your warn level and you'll see what crimes you committed.Warnings may also be rescinded for good behaviour or on appeal on occasion. Users may also be banned without notice or explanation from the team if we feel it is in the best interests of B&W Army.

We are active supporters of the "Show Racism the Red Card" and will not tolerate racism of any kind on the board. Anyone posting what we deem to be racial abuse will be banned for life.

Image copyright
Images on the web are covered by copyright. Please do not post images you do not have the copyright to on the forum. In the event of any copyright images being posted on the forum these will be removed wherever possible. P&B Sports will not be responsible for any actions relating to the posting of copyright images but will act in good faith to remove these as soon as possible once notified of any copyright infringement.

Religous Prejudice
There has been much comment in the media, and indeed on these forums about the use of religious prejudice in Scottish Society, and of particular relevance to us on this forum, where this seeps into the fabric of our favourite national sport.To clarify the position in Scots Law with regard the use of religious prejudice note the following revised sections of Scots Criminal Law;Section 74 (2) specifies that an offence is aggravated by religious prejudice if;A. at the time of committing the offence or immediately before or after doing so, the offender evinces towards the victim (if any) of the offence, malice or ill-will based on the victim's membership (or presumed membership) of a religious group, or of a social or cultural group with a perceived religious affiliation; or B. the offence is motivated (wholly or partly) by malice and ill-will towards members of a religious group, or of a social or cultural group with a perceived religious affiliation, based on their membership of that group. In real terms these offences do not need to be verbal. They apply to written form as well and of course this affects Pie and Bovril members. You can see a real life example of the sort of thing that can happen by reviewing this article which reports on an offender being charged with committing a "religiously aggravated breach of the peace" for wearing a t-shirt which had the words "dirty horrible huns" written on it. Thus, in order to protect ourselves, and you our members, I thought it necessary to eliminate any grey areas which currently exist in the forum policy. With immediate effect the use of religiously prejudicial terms including but not limited to terms like "hun", "tim", "fenian", "tarrier" and the like will not be tolerated on these forums. We will use a filter to catch most of these terms before they are posted however we are aware that a large number of ways exist to circumvent that filter so for clarification any posts made that include these sorts of terms, and any posts made which indicate a religious prejudice on the forum will be removed by the moderators and the posters issued with warnings.
Further subsequent warnings will result in a permanent ban from the board.Similarly if we are approached by any criminal authority relating to any post made on the board we will provide IP and email details to assist with any investigation that arises as a result of any post made on the board.If you see a post on the forum you are unhappy with and you think contravenes this policy please raise it via the complaints forum and it will be dealt with as quickly as we can. Remember we have several thousand posts made here every day and it is impossible for us to read and approve every one. Self policing will help us make the forum a better place to be.
Please treat this policy with respect, enjoy Black & White Army, enjoy the banter with your fellow buddies, but don't bring religious prejudice onto the forums of B&W Army.
Have fun !
In short, enjoy the forum, get involved, and if anything really upsets you please use the complaints forum to bring it to our attention and we will review.

Forum guidelines v1.9 last reviewed 18th May 2018

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